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 ‘Creepy’ robot with real living skin leaves people absolutely horrified

‘Creepy’ robot with real living skin leaves people absolutely horrified

Japanese scientists have shared footage of the smiling robot face made from human skin cells

Scientists have really been doing their thing recently when it comes to potentially world-changing technological advancements.

However, it seems such breakthroughs in science aren't always so widely welcomed after one creepy robot complete with real living skin leaves people absolutely horrified.

A team from the University of Tokyo in Japan have been able to actually graft human skin cells onto the face of a humanoid robot in the hopes of giving machines much more of a lifelike appearance. Have a look:

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have shared their latest technological breakthrough. (Takeuchi et al)
Scientists at the University of Tokyo have shared their latest technological breakthrough. (Takeuchi et al)

Shoji Takeuchi, a professor at the University of Tokyo who led the research, has explained a little more about the research and exactly what it can mean for us in the future.

He began: "Living skin can bring a range of new abilities to robots.

"Self-healing is a big deal – some chemical-based materials can be made to heal themselves, but they require triggers such as heat, pressure or other signals, and they also do not proliferate like cells.

"Biological skin repairs minor lacerations as ours does, and nerves and other skin organs can be added for use in sensing."

Prof Takeuchi continued: "By mimicking human skin-ligament structures and by using specially made V-shaped perforations in solid materials, we found a way to bind skin to complex structures.

"The natural flexibility of the skin and the strong method of adhesion mean the skin can move with the mechanical components of the robot, without tearing or peeling away."

Movement, he says, is a pretty 'crucial factor', adding: "Another important challenge is creating humanlike expressions by integrating sophisticated actuators, or muscles, inside the robot.

“Creating robots that can heal themselves, sense their environment more accurately and perform tasks with human-like dexterity is incredibly motivating."

Pretty impressive, that.

(Takeuchi et al)
(Takeuchi et al)

With all that said, however, it seems many people have had quite the visceral reaction to the technological advancement.

One Instagram user penned: "Thanks, I hate it."

"Put it in the bin," demanded a second while a third piped up: "Absolutely not. All together now. ABSOLUTELY NOT."

A fourth quipped: "That's creepy af."

"Can we stop?" asked a fifth while a sixth echoed: "Make it stop."

"God it’s like Thomas the Tank Engine was skinned," joked a seventh.

An eighth hit out: "Firstly I wouldn't say it looks human, secondly there is something deeply unsettling about this!"

"A new kind of horror," added another while a final Instagram user admitted: "It's going to give me nightmares."

Us too, tbh...

Featured Image Credit: Takeuchi et al

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