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New portrait of the Queen shows sweet tribute to her 'Papa' King George

New portrait of the Queen shows sweet tribute to her 'Papa' King George

The Queen paid one final tribute to her father.

A new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was unveiled on the eve of her funeral features a sweet hidden tribute to her late father King George VI.

In the photo, which was taken earlier this year at Windsor Castle, the Queen flashes a wide smile, wearing pearl earrings, a pastel blue dress, and a pair of eye-catching diamond and aquamarine brooches.

But, what some royal fans might not know is that these two stunning brooches were gifted to the late monarch as an 18th birthday present from her 'papa'.

A new portrait of the Queen has been unveiled.
Royal Household/ Ranald Mackecnie

The photo, taken by photographer Ranald Mackechnie, was shared to the Royal Family's Instagram account on Sunday evening, 18 September, accompanied by a caption which read: "Ahead of Her Majesty The Queen’s Funeral, a new photograph has been released.

"It was taken this year to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, as she became the first British Monarch to reach this milestone.

"Tomorrow, millions will come together to commemorate her remarkable life."

The Queen had worn the same pair of brooches back in 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and in 2012 during her Diamond Jubilee speech.

Over her 70-year reign, the Queen has cumulated an impressive collection of jewellery, from family heirlooms to priceless gifts.

The Queen has garnered an impressive collection of jewellery over the years.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Of the wide-ranging assortment of sparkling tiaras, diamond-clad necklaces, and eye-catching brooches, Queen Elizabeth II will reportedly be laid to rest with just two pieces of jewellery.

Lisa Levinson, head of communications at the Natural Diamond Council, predicted that Her Majesty will be laid to rest with her simple Welsh gold wedding band, and a pair of pearl earrings.

The Queen wore the wedding band made from Welsh gold from the Clogau St David’s gold mine during her 73-year marriage to Prince Philip.

The Queen is expected to only be laid to rest with two pieces of jewellery.
Michael Melia / Alamy Stock Photo

The Queen's funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey today (19 September) at 11.00am

Over the last four days, thousands of people lined up for miles to see the Queen lying in state.

Her Majesty will be laid to rest in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. Prince Philip will be moved from the Royal Vault so he can be laid to rest with his wife.

News of the Queen's death was confirmed by Buckingham Palace, which issued a statement on Thursday 8 September.

The statement announced that the 96-year-old monarch had died 'peacefully' at Balmoral in Scotland.

Featured Image Credit: PA / GRANGER - Historical Picture Archive / Alamy

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