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Prince George and Princess Charlotte share sweet moment together at the Queen’s funeral

Prince George and Princess Charlotte share sweet moment together at the Queen’s funeral

Princess Charlotte was seen telling her older sibling, Prince George, what’s what at the Queen’s state funeral on Monday

Princess Charlotte might only be seven, but she’s already an expert when it comes to royal etiquette, as she first proved at the late Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations in June, when she was seen correcting her brother - nine-year-old Prince George - telling him where to place his hands. 

And little Charlotte has proved herself once again after she was seen telling her older sibling what’s what again during their great grandmother’s state funeral earlier today (19 September).

As the royal siblings waited for Her Majesty’s coffin to pass them at Wellington Arch, Charlotte was seen telling her brother that he’ll need to ‘bow’ as the Queen passed by. Watch the moment below:

Charlotte appeared to tell George, who listened carefully, ‘you need to bow’ as they watched the procession pass by. 

The sweet interaction has been shared widely on Twitter, with one person writing: “‘You need to bow,’ Princess Charlotte is so sassy I love it! Even when Prince George is king she’ll still be bossing him about.”

Another added: “Princess Charlotte is such a boss, I love her ‘you need to bow’ telling off her older brother, the future King,” while a third penned: “Princess Charlotte is such a sassy little miss. If I read her lips correctly she’s telling George ‘you need to bow’.”

Charlotte and her older brother George, who is now second in line to the throne, were among the youngest mourners in attendance. 

As of 2013, an elder daughter can no longer be displaced by a younger son in the line of succession, and Charlotte is third in line to the throne.

Charlotte and George’s younger brother, four-year-old Louis, is fourth in line to the throne, but was not in attendance at the Queen’s state funeral. 

Both siblings had been at their new school in Berkshire when it was announced that the Queen had passed away

At one particularly emotional moment, little Charlotte was seen bursting into tears on Monday, and was comforted by her mother, the new Princess of Wales. 

George is second in line to the throne, while Charlotte is third.
REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

Royals fans were quick to take to social media to comment on Princess Charlotte's display of emotion for the late monarch.

One wrote: "Charlotte crying today has broken my heart."

"Princess Charlotte wiping tears has set me off," added a second, while a third wrote: "Bless her……tears for Gan-Gan #PrincessCharlotte."

"So sad to see Charlotte burst into tears and George looking clearly distressed," wrote a fourth. "It must have been so overwhelming for the royal children."

Featured Image Credit: PA/BBC