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The Reason Why The Queen Wore Green To Prince Philip's Memorial

The Reason Why The Queen Wore Green To Prince Philip's Memorial

Did you notice?

If you've been watching Prince Philip's memorial service, you might have noticed that Her Majesty the Queen, along with Princess Anne and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were all wearing dark green during the service.

Prince Philip's life was celebrated with a special memorial at Westminster Abbey today, almost one year on from his death in April last year.

As members of the royal family gathered to remember the Duke of Edinburgh, many viewers at home were all asking the same question - why were the senior royals all wearing the same shade of green?

Many wondered why the royals were wearing green (

One person wrote on Twitter: "I wonder why the Queen, Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cornwall are all wearing the same shade of green?"

While another said: "Most wearing dark green even the Queen is there a reason for that?"

And a third added: "Did the Queen, Camilla and Anne agree on a dark green theme?"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "The Queen, Anne & Camilla all in forest green. Is that an ode to Philip?"

The Queen could be seen wearing the colour (

Well, there could be a very simple explanation.

According to the Royal website, Philip's 'official' colour is dark green. "The Duke of Edinburgh's official livery colour is dark green, known as 'Edinburgh Green'," the page reads.

"It has been used for staff liveries - the Duke of Edinburgh's page at the Coronation wore dark green and silver - and private cars."

At the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral last year, Philip's coffin was carried by a modified Land Rover, designed by the Duke himself.

The Land Rover was designed by the Duke himself (

It's reported that Philip began modifying it at the age of 82 and repainted the vehicle a green colour, known as dark bronze green.

The colour is also thought to be a nod to Philip's service as an officer in Britain's Royal Navy during World War II.

The Duke of Edinburgh sadly passed away on 9th April 2021, at Windsor Castle at the age of 99.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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