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Moment police smash window after woman refused to leave her car

Moment police smash window after woman refused to leave her car

He pulled the glass away with his bare hands.

A woman filmed the shocking moment two police officers smashed her car window after she refused to wind it all the way down.

Helen Delaney, 52, was asked to put down her window by police at around 1 pm in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales on Wednesday (18 January).

The shocking incident took place after the officers asked Helen to put her window all the way down, confirm her name and then show them her driving licence.

However, she and the man she was travelling with outright refused and told the officers that they had 'no jurisdiction' to make such a request.

She was charged with multiple offences including outstanding warrants, using an unregistered vehicle, and uninsured and untaxed vehicle.

Her refusal to cooperate with the officers - which also included a refusal to take a breathalyser - only led to further offences being added to the charges against her - such as refusing to submit to a breath test.

The man told the officers: "You have no authority here. Who do you derive your authority from? There is no sovereign in this country.

"Don't you dare think you guys have authority here."

In the video, the pair can be seen arguing that they weren't driving in the vehicle but 'travelling', but this excuse did not stop the officers who proceeded to smash the window.

This was done by one of the officers grabbing the window and breaking it away with his bare hands.

The officers then open the car against Helen's wishes and proceed to arrest her and the man - all the while the man in the car says 'don't f**king touch her'.

The officer smashed the window with his bare hands.

A statement from NSW Police said of the incident: "Just before 1pm yesterday (Wednesday 18 January 2023), officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command were patrolling the Coffs Harbour area, when they stopped a vehicle on the Pacific Highway.

"Subsequent checks revealed the vehicle’s registration had expired in July 2022.

"Police spoke with the driver, a 52-year-old woman, who was allegedly wanted on two outstanding arrest warrants for domestic violence-related offences.

"The woman allegedly failed to provide officers with her details and was arrested at the scene and taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station.

"While at the station, the woman allegedly refused to undergo a breath test.

"The Coffs Harbour woman was refused bail to appear at Coffs Harbour Local Court today (Thursday 19 January 2023)."

Tyla has reached out to NSW Police for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@cookerwatch

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