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Tech Worker Busts 'Cheating Husband' While Fixing iPhone

Tech Worker Busts 'Cheating Husband' While Fixing iPhone

Why are we even surprised?

TikTok users were horrified when one tech worker revealed a secret message that he had discovered inside a customer's broken iPhone and it is beyond sneaky.

Exposing what his customer had written inside the note, the TikTok creator (@sadam299) joked that he loves when "customers cheat on their girlfriends."

This has just given us a whole new set of trust issues...

Check out the video below:

We don't know what exactly this customer had on his phone that he was trying to keep from his wife, but it probably wasn't good.

As well as the shameful note, the customer also hid $200 (£147.50) in cash inside the broken iPhone.

Just when we thought men couldn't have any more audacity!

Taking to the comments, viewers engaged in a rather heated debate as they tried to decide what the TikToker should do.

One person wrote: "Bruh his life is basically in your hands,"

Another joked: "You can double that money...😏"

The customer also hid $200 in cash inside the broken iPhone. (

The most popular suggestion was for the tech worker to keep the $200 for himself but fix the phone anyway, letting the customer get busted.

One comment read: "The moral code says you fix it anyway and show it to the girlfriend. She deserves to know. Money means nothing. Keep the money though."

Another viewer agreed: "Take a money and repair this phone 😂😂😂😅"

"Take the money tell the girl," added a third.

Other viewers noted that it doesn't matter whether the tech worker fixes his customer's iPhone or not - all of his dodgy messages will be saved to his iCloud account either way.

"Did he know about back up’s on iCloud account?" asked one TikTok user.

"But you still have iCloud ✨💅🏻🎉😂" wrote a second.

Sounds like this guy is busted.

TikTokers think that the tech worker should expose his customer. (

Earlier, we told you about another guy who was caught out for 'cheating' when his partner checked their doorbell camera footage.

After his partner posted the CCTV video footage to TikTok, viewers were left feeling outraged, especially after learning that she had been deployed at the time of the incident.

Honestly, when will they learn?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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