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Woman left needing emergency surgery after being viciously mauled by her two Rottweilers

Woman left needing emergency surgery after being viciously mauled by her two Rottweilers

Neighbours heard Nikita Piil's screams and rushed to help as one man recalls seeing a dog drag her 'around the back corner'.

A woman was left needing emergency surgery after she was mauled by her own dogs at her home.

Nikita Piil remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital after she was attacked by her two Rottweilers on Saturday (16 September).

The 31-year-old could be heard screaming which led to her neighbours making a desperate attempt to intervene during the dog attack.

Nikita Piil remains in hospital after the vicious attack.

Police were called to Pull’s home in the suburb of Success in the south of Perth at around 4:35pm.

“I was contemplating jumping in the fence and getting in there to kind of rescue her but um obviously there was two Rottweilers in there and, I didn't have a knife — I didn't have anything really good to take this dog out,” neighbour Bryn Spencer told 9News.

“I only had a bat. All I could really do is just watch this girl get mauled apart while I'm smacking the fence."

Another man who came to the rescue sprayed the dog with water to try and stop the attack.

"The dog stopped for a bit and then it was looking at me and then it was deciding what to do next," Spencer recalled.

"And then I kept on screaming at it, smacking the fence and then it just decided, 'Oh stuff you' and got the girl and it dragged her around the back corner.

"And that's when I was like, 'Oh no'."

Nikita was rushed to hospital.

Police arrived and an officer was forced to shoot the dog to save Piil’s life.

A spokesperson for WA police issued a statement which read: “Due to the extremely aggressive nature of the dogs, and the ongoing risk to human life, a police firearm was discharged to stop the attack.”

Piil was rushed to hospital shortly after. One of the dogs was later put down while the second was secured in the garage until council rangers from the City Cockburn arrived.

There has been renewed attention regarding dangerous dogs and canine attacks on humans in recent days due to a string of vicious and fatal cases in the UK which have made the news.

An 11-year-old schoolgirl in Birmingham was attacked last week, leaving her needing stitches in her lower arm.

A man named as Ian Price died after suffering multiple injuries in an attack by American bully XLs. Price was left in a critical condition after being attacked in Stonnall, near Walsall, Staffordshire.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak later confirmed that American bully XLs would be banned in the UK.

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