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This Morning Viewers Outraged After Video For Deaf Awareness Week Has No Closed Captions Or Interpreter

This Morning Viewers Outraged After Video For Deaf Awareness Week Has No Closed Captions Or Interpreter

Viewers were not impressed by the show's attempts to mark Deaf Awareness Week.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

This Morning's attempts to mark Deaf Awareness Week did not go down well with viewers when the TV show failed to add any closed captions or an interpreter to its programme.

Phil and Holly began yesterday's edition of the ITV show by signing: "Hello, good morning" but viewers weren't impressed by their efforts.

"We started today's programme by signing 'Hello, good morning'," began Holly, "and that's because it is Deaf Awareness Week."

"Across all of the daytime shows, we're raising awareness of deafness and hearing loss which affects one in six adults in the UK."

But one Deaf viewer took to Twitter to share her disappointment at the show's lack of inclusivity, writing: "NO NO NO NO NO NO #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs .... where are the captions? Where is the Interpreter?"

And others, too, shared their feelings on this:

"Subtitles where?," Tweeted one user.

"We mark Deaf Awareness week by being completely ironic," said another.

"Epic subtitles fail," said another.

While another wrote: "No captions, no interpreter. The absolute state of this."

Twitter users were quick to point out that the show could have done more to include its deaf viewers, by captioning content, so that BSL users could understand Phil and Holly beyond their first introduction, or adding an interpreter, calling their efforts to raise awareness ironic.

One user was just not impressed at the programme's efforts at all and shared how it should have tried more.

"Not tried at all. Performative signing with no subtitles is not Deaf Aware," they Tweeted.


However, others, in the comments, responded with helpful tips on how to communicate with deaf people, including waving your hands or tapping your feet to get their attention and communicating in good light.

We hope This Morning take note.

Tyla has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ITV

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