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A Dog Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

A Dog Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Dog masks at the ready, guys.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A dog whose owner has coronavirus has now also tested positive for the bug.

The Pomeranian is now in quarantine for 14 days after rectal, oral and nasal samples showed the canine has a 'weak level' of the virus.

The pup has not been exhibiting symptoms and it's thought it may only be carrying the virus from "environmental contamination".

Officials at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department have now insisted the pooch be kept in isolation so its condition can be monitored and further tests carried out.

In a statement, they said: "At present, the AFCD does not have evidence that pet animals can be infected with COVID-19 virus or can be a source of infection to people.

"The Department will conduct close monitoring of the dog and collect further samples for testing to confirm if the dog has really been infected with the virus or this is a result of environmental contamination of the dog's mouth and nose.

The number of cases in the UK now stands at 15 (

"Repeated tests will be conducted for the dog and it will only be returned when the test result is negative."

If the dog is infected with the virus, it will be the first case of a pet catching the bug - which is thought to originate from bats and snakes.

The news comes after two more cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the UK yesterday.

Earlier this week, holidaymakers were in lockdown at a Tenerife hotel after a man was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The total cases of coronavirus now stands at over 83,000 (

It comes as almost 20 schools across the UK have been forced to close on turn away pupils following fears of the virus spreading.

The number of people in Italy with the virus has now reached 650. As of yesterday at 2pm, the UK has 15 cases of Coronavirus.

Latest figures show there are 83,724 cases across the globe, with 2,859 deaths reported.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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