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Hayfever Symptoms The Same As New Covid Variant

Kimberley Bond

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Hayfever Symptoms The Same As New Covid Variant

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

We are so tantalisingly close to getting life back to 'the old normal', thanks to the ongoing coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now urged just "another four weeks to go" before social distancing restrictions can be eased entirely, with the Delta variant thought to be what's delayed the original June 21st freedom date.

However, experts are now warning that the Delta variant, which originated in India and is now the dominant strain here in the UK, could present itself differently to the Covid we're more familiar with.

Watch the video below.


Professor Tim Spector, who runs the Zoe Covid Symptom study as part of King's College London, has warned that younger people with the Delta variant are reporting new symptoms.

Instead of the usual high temperature, hacking cough and loss of taste and smell we've become more than familiar with, a new set of symptoms are thought to be associated with the Delta variant.

"Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users - and they are not the same as they were," he explained in a YouTube video.

New Covid symptoms may appear more like a mild cold (Credit: Pexels)
New Covid symptoms may appear more like a mild cold (Credit: Pexels)

"This variant seems to be working slightly differently. People might think they've just got some sort of seasonal cold and they still go out to parties and they might spread around to six other people. We think this is fuelling a lot of the problem."

Worryingly, three of the most common symptoms people are now reporting are a runny nose, sore throat and headache, symptoms that could easily be dismissed or overlooked as hayfever or a seasonal cold.

Things have been made even worse with hayfever suffers reporting stronger symptoms, with several areas in the UK having been hit with a 'pollen bomb'.

The new symptoms almost appear like hayfever (Credit: PA)
The new symptoms almost appear like hayfever (Credit: PA)

And with the Delta variant making up now a staggering 90 per cent of all UK cases, it's more important than ever that people who may have even very mild symptoms to stay cautious and to get tested.

Professor Spector continued: "The message here is that if you are young, you are going to get milder symptoms anyway.

"It might just feel like a bad cold or some funny 'off' feeling - but do stay at home and do get a test."

Speaking to Tyla, Dr. Will Budd, who is part of the Shameless Cycle team launched by myGP, explained: "As we are aware the Delta variant is one of the main reasons for the delay in lockdown easing due to its increased transmissibility.

"Now to put a spanner in the works it also creates similar symptoms to hayfever, this is why although we should be out enjoying the sun and seeing our loved ones again, we should still remain vigilant around others to protect ourselves and others so that we can get out of this pandemic and get on with our lives,"

Tyla has contacted AllergyUK for comment.

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Kimberley Bond
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