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Mum traumatised after woman shouts ‘he’s not your son’ as she tries to snatch toddler outside shop

Mum traumatised after woman shouts ‘he’s not your son’ as she tries to snatch toddler outside shop

The mum has shared the terrifying details about the moment a screaming stranger tried to snatch her two-year-old son

A mum had a frightening encounter with a woman who tried to snatch her son in broad daylight outside a toy shop.

The incident occurred in Reading, Berkshire and police have since issued a warning to other parents as the would-be kidnapper has yet to be identified.

The mum, who has not been named, described how the stranger approached her and her two-year-old son on Tuesday (25 April), on Broad Street in Reading town centre after they left The Entertainer toy shop.

The incident occurred outside The Entertainer toy store in Reading, Berkshire.
The Entertainer

The mum raised awareness by taking to a community Facebook group.

“Out with my two year old son and two friends with their children when I was approached by a woman who threatened me and tried to take my child,” she wrote.

“She screamed at me to stay away from my own child, threw down her bag and tried to grab him off of the floor.

The screaming stranger told the traumatised mum that the boy was ‘not your son’ as the incident escalated.

“I quickly pulled him away and asked her not to touch my child and to leave us alone which she replied, 'get off him he's not your son',” the mum explained.

She said she managed to keep a hold of her son after the stranger tried to snatch him as other shoppers watched in shock.

The mum managed to keep a hold of her son.
Unsplash/Daria Obymaha

She contacted the police who told her to go to the nearest shop and to wait inside. The mum and her son waited in a Primark.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley police said the incident is currently being investigated.

"We are investigating an incident that happened on Broad Street at around 1.30pm on Tuesday (25/4),” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“A woman has approached a mother who was pushing her child in a pushchair.

“The offender has then started shouting abuse at the mother, asking why her child was upset.

“The child has then become more upset due to the offender shouting, and the child has thrown themselves on the floor.

“The offending woman has then moved towards the child with her hands out.

Thames Valley police are asking the public for information about the woman.
Filip Mroz/Unsplash

“The mother has then picked up her child and moved away. She then called police.

“An investigation is ongoing and anyone with information should call 101 quoting reference 43230179675.

“This is currently being investigated as an incident of public order.”

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps/diwali / Alamy Stock Photo

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