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Mum who lost two stone in six weeks says she only fed her children after losing her job

Mum who lost two stone in six weeks says she only fed her children after losing her job

A mum lost two stone in six weeks as she could only afford to feed her children.

A mum ended up losing two stone in just six weeks when she prioritised feeding her children after she lost her job.

The cost of living crisis is continuing to impact millions of Brits, with some having to make the unconceivable decision between doing a food shop or putting the heating on.

Kelly Young, from Patrick, Scotland, lost her job in December 2021 and was left struggling to feed her four kids while also keeping up with the monthly rent payments.

As a result, Young skipped meals as she could not afford to feed herself and her four children.

So to make sure that her children had enough to eat, she did not and ended up losing a staggering two stone in just six weeks.

Kelly Young lost two stone in six weeks as she couldn't afford to eat.

To help with the storming cost of living, Young was referred to Annexe Communities, which has just received an award of £23,500 from the National Lottery Community Fund.

It is part of a wider £1.5 million project that will be distributed to 73 groups to ease the pressure on people with the rising living costs.

Annexe Communities, in particular, provides emergency provisions to local people and households in Partick.

The group provides food and clothing vouchers, while also gifting energy top-ups to its members.

There is also a social element to it as the group also runs a soup social and provide a soup pack with all the ingredients needed to make your favourite soup at home.

Young has used the group over the past year for advice, food parcels and fuel vouchers.

She said: “I now have a job as a cleaner and am working hard to support my family as best I can. I have always been a believer in being able to help yourself, but when you are in such a deep hole it’s impossible.

“It took a lot for me to swallow my pride and admit that I needed help for me and my family but the truth of it is that I am out working and I still can’t manage.

The group has helped the mum of four incredibly in the last year.
Jonathan Goldberg / Alamy Stock Photo

"Pay day becomes pay away day and I am constantly living on my overdraft – it’s a never-ending cycle.

“That’s why places like the Annexe are so important right now, they keep in contact with me and it’s good to know that people are there for me and that it’s a safe place for me to come and not sit in my house, stressed and isolated.”

Kate Still, Scotland chair at The National Lottery Community Fund, added: “This latest round of funding is just one of the ways our National Lottery funding is being distributed to organisations who will directly support people and communities facing very difficult circumstances.

“Local charities and community groups are fully aware what’s going on right now in their local areas and are therefore best placed to deliver this support quickly, so there’s no delay with providing people with the help they so desperately need."

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