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Mum who can’t afford to heat her home has £10 solution to keep six-month-old warm

Mum who can’t afford to heat her home has £10 solution to keep six-month-old warm

A mum on TikTok has revealed the cost effective way she keeps her six-month-old baby warm this winter amid the cost of living crisis.

A mum who can't afford to heat her home has shared how she keeps her six-month-old baby warm amid the recent snowy weather and the cost of living crisis. Watch her video below:

Many parents have struggled to heat their homes this weather due to rising energy costs as the cost of living crisis continues to impact families.

Some households have had to forego keeping their heating on for long periods of time due to costs, especially into the night when temperatures tend to drop.

With the snow and freezing below zero temperatures Britons faced last week, people have been looking for new ways to keep themselves and their loved ones warm for the lowest cost possible.

Thankfully, one mum found an affordable solution in the form of a product available at the supermarket and she’s spreading the word so other parents can keep their babies warm through the winter.

Social media user Megan Andrews, who posts family tips on her shared TikTok account @tattfamily took to the video sharing platform to gush about her incredibly useful purchase.

“If you are a parent of a baby or small child, you are going to want to see this,” she began.

The mum revealed the baby sleepsuits she bought from Sainsbury's.

“It’s absolutely freezing in the UK at the moment and unfortunately not all of us can afford to heat our homes inside.

“Sometimes it’s very cold inside, especially at night time.”

She also explained that her family cannot afford to keep the heating on at night.

“We can’t afford to,” she added. “That’s just how it is.”

The mum said she can no longer wrap her six-month-old baby with blankets because it’s ‘not safe’.

But this ultimately led to her supermarket discovery.

“I was in Sainsbury’s looking at the baby clothes today and I found these,” she said in her now-viral video posted on 17 Dec.

The vlogger revealed two cute baby grows to the camera and explained why they’re so useful.

“Obviously they are an all-in-one sleepsuit but they are 2.5 tog.

The sleepsuits are 2.5 tog.

“That’s is basically the same as the sleeping bag she’s been sleeping with but for the whole body.

“We have the 2.5 sleeping tog for winter but this is in a sleepsuit version - how smart is that?” she explained.

The sleep suits are available in Sainsbury’s and are currently selling for only £10.

If you’re keen on grabbing one for your bundle of joy you may need to add one to your basket ASAP. After Megan’s video was shared it has been viewed over 280,000 times and has almost 16,000 likes.

The comments were beyond thankful for Megan’s recommendation.

“I'm due any day and in so worried,” one concerned mum-to-be shared. “It's costing us £7 a day to put the heating on for 2 hours it's just not doable to have it on overnight. My house was 9 degrees this morning.”

One mum said: “I defo need these! I’ve had no heating for days due to a broken boiler this will keep her warm all day.”

Another woman commented: “Aw I need one of these my bedroom gets so cold.”

But you may be disappointed to hear that they don’t make adult sizes, although we’d very much love to have one of our own, if someone at Sainsbury’s is reading this!

Featured Image Credit: @tattfamily/TikTok

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