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Mum earns £1,000 a week delivering UberEats, Just Eat and Deliveroo orders

Mum earns £1,000 a week delivering UberEats, Just Eat and Deliveroo orders

The mum claims to earn £1,000 a week working as a delivery driver

A mum who claims to earn £1,000 a week as a delivery driver decided to complete a 24 hour drop-off challenge to see just how much she could rake in.

Atlanta Martin, 22, quit her job as a flight dispatcher when she realised she could make better bank as a delivery driver.

And, honestly, after hearing what she earns, we don't blame her — the only drawback is the early starts.

Atlanta also works with her boyfriend, Benjamin Hasker, and the pair are pretty competitive about how many orders they can complete.

The dedicated mum earns a fair bit delivering food.

We imagine you'd have to be if you're spending your entire shift trying to distract yourself from eating other people's food.

So, doing just that, the pair woke up extra early last Tuesday, 13 September, to see how many deliveries they could complete in 24 hours.

And by Wednesday morning, they'd driven 220 miles, made 77 deliveries, and earned £330.16, which is pretty good going.

Speaking about their jam-packed delivery schedule Atlanta said: "When I first looked into doing it, the only place where you could really do 24 hours of delivering was London, but as deliveries have become more available, you can now do it in Brighton.

"I had Ben with me so we motivated each other and took turns driving - I'm not a morning person so already struggled getting up for 7am and Ben drove a lot in the night.

Atlanta makes the deliveries with her boyfriend.

"I didn't realise how much caffeine affected me but I was so tired in the night and then had a Diet Coke and suddenly had this burst of energy which was really helpful!"

To be fair, we've had the exact same thing with coffee, though the energy burst lasts about half hour.

And, if anyone's wondering what the couple did when nature called: "We kept going to a 24-hour McDonald's for the toilet, and we had a Domino's at about 11 pm which was amazing."

McDonald's loos and late-night pizza, what more could you want from a job?

The pair even copped a croissant for breakfast at 6 am just to keep them going.

In 24 hours the couple made 77 deliveries.

And, turns out, that the competitive challenges proved to be helpful for their future shifts, because the pair managed to see what the busiest time was for orders, to optimise their delivery slots.

"It was actually the busiest between about midnight and 5 am, despite it being midweek.

"Most of the deliveries at that time were alcoholic drinks, which wasn't very surprising, and they were really easy to pick up, always ready to go when we arrived so there was no waiting about."

Although the whole thing was 'really tiring' Atlanta said that she 'would probably do it again'.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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