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Pregnant mum on verge of tears over Martin Lewis energy bill row

Pregnant mum on verge of tears over Martin Lewis energy bill row

They argued about what cutting back on energy bills means for people's standard of living

A mother was nearly in tears as she and Martin Lewis discussed skyrocketing energy prices in the UK and their relation to people's standard of living.

When discussing a new government campaign that gives people ideas about how to cut down their energy usage, journalist Ella Whelan condemned it as advising people how to 'live a miserable existence'.

This did not go down well with Lewis, 50, who said that dismissing the new advice would be doing exactly what Ella, who is expecting a baby imminently, fears.

The Money Saving Expert said: "Hold on, to poopoo every single idea, you are actually encouraging people to have a more miserable existence ...

"Let me ask you a question Ella. What's the price of cooking a potato in the microwave or the oven? What is it? Because, information? Which is cheaper?"

As he continued to question her, she finally admitted: "I don't know."

"If I can make a point Martin, I've got a baby on the way, arriving tomorrow, and I'm just talking about people's priorities," she said.


It was at this point that the expectant mother burst into tears and said: "My priority is going to be can I keep that kid warm in the drafty house that I live in? Can I give that baby a bath every night that it needs to have. What are my priorities? I'll freeze my backside off to keep that baby warm.

"I'm not poo-pooing stuff, it's that people have to have a certain standard of living and have a future in which that standard of living is going to get better. I think everyone in government has let go of that aspiration."

The TV personality went on to wish Ella the best of luck for her upcoming birth and added that he hoped she could 'keep warm'.

"I appreciate the stance," he said, before confirming it would be cheaper to cook a potato in a microwave.

"You're talking one jacket potato in the microwave, is 6p," he said.

Lewis' comments come as households in the UK have received a £400 energy bill discount to help them cope with skyrocketing costs this winter.

The money is being paid from 1 October, with additional support being offered to vulnerable people like pensioners and those on benefits.

All of the support should be in bank accounts by 23 November.

Tyla had reached out to Martin Lewis' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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