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Ex-Love Island star 'hasn't slept in days' after thousands of ladybirds invaded her home

Ex-Love Island star 'hasn't slept in days' after thousands of ladybirds invaded her home

Love Island 2019 star Elma Pazar filmed the scary scenes at her home where ladybirds have literally taken over.

A ex-Love Island star has shared her horror after her home became infested by ladybirds.

Forget bed bugs, ladybirds are starting their own takeover right now in Essex.

And although the adorable black and red spotted creatures may look cute from afar, having your home taken over by them sounds like a Halloween horror story not even Stephen King could create.

But unfortunately, this exact scenario has happened to former Love Island star Elma Pazar, who described the swarming ladybirds in her home.

Speaking from her home in Loughton, Elma said: “So the whole world and their dog has been speaking about the bed bug epidemic, well I've got my own epidemic.

“This has been ongoing for three days, I haven't slept. I've got bags under my eyes bigger than IKEA. I know I'm gonna say it and you lot are gonna be like ‘can't be that bad,’ well it is that bad.

“​​It's ladybugs, ladybirds, whatever you want to call them, it's them. The polka dot bugs that everyone loves.”

The reality TV personality said that she often gets followed by ladybirds and when she first spotted them in her home three days ago, she wasn’t alarmed - but that has since changed.

Ex-Love Island star Elma told viewers about how ladybirds have taken over her home.

“Just to give you a bit of backstory about ladybirds. I've always loved them, they follow me.

“Just a few little ones started around the house. About three days ago there were ladybirds dotted about. I thought, do you know what, it's not a big deal, they follow me anyway, maybe I was a ladybird in my previous life, who knows.

“In the space of about half an hour, I kid you not these ladybirds were in every corner, they came in in hundreds and thousands, across the walls, all through the window frames, everywhere.

“So not only are they dotted around the house at this point, they then decide that they are going to cluster together all of a sudden.

“It's like one joins another one, joins another one, joins another one and they become a cluster and they just stay there so it becomes one big dark circle of ladybugs.”

She shared clips of the ladybirds that have taken up residency in her home, with the creatures hanging out across her walls, in corners and a huge swarm living in a bucket.

Elma filmed the scary ladybird infestation at her home.

“I kid you not, I feel like this was something out of a movie, the invasion of ladybugs,” she continued.

“You know what else as well with ladybugs, they fly unexpectedly. It's obvious but you don't think of it when they come crawling into your house.

‘The amount of times I've smacked myself straight in my face because ones flown at me. They've come as a colony, they've come to take over my home in every crack and corner of the house, this is no exaggeration.

'I go to have a shower, they're in the shower. I go to the toilet and there's one in the s******.

'The thing with bed bugs is you know that they're a pest, you know that if you get one in your bed your mattress has got to go.

"What am I actually supposed to do because I don't want to kill a ladybug.”

'Everyone's like aww they're cute little polka dot bugs, no they're not they're ruining my life, they're taking over my life.”

And people were understandably left in shock by the ladybird infestation and took to the comments.

Elma Pazar was on Love Island season 5 in 2019.

“This but fruit flies and gnats are driving me INSANE,” one commenter with a similar problem shared.

“I wasn’t ready… I wasn’t expecting that at the end… my skin is itchy… fumigate your house girl,” a TikToker warned.

“I have never in my life saw so many ladybugs. That is terrifying,” someone else wrote.

While another relatable comment reads: “Ladybirds are the ONLY bug I can stand but this would make me end it all.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@elmapazarofficial

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