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Love Is Blind’s Iyanna in tears as divorce to co-star gets finalised

Love Is Blind’s Iyanna in tears as divorce to co-star gets finalised

Iyanna and Jarrette have divorced

Love Is Blind contestant Iyanna McNeely shared a heartbreaking update with her followers as her divorce from Jarrette Jones.

Watch Iyanna's emotional video below:

Iyanna and Jarrette tied the knot in the second season of the hit Netflix reality show after falling in love without seeing each other in the flesh.

They were one of only two couples who decided to exchange vows in the end.

Unfortunately their relationship was not meant to be as the couple announced their separation in August.

They got married in July 2021, with the ceremony airing as part of the Netflix series in February this year. Iyanna filed for divorce in October.

The 28-year-old program coordinator has now shared a video on TikTok, expressing her sadness as she likened the experience to ‘grief’.

“It is official,” she says with tears in her eyes. “Divorce really is like a grief. As much as people laugh at how long we were married, my expectations made it real. My hope made it real.

“My effort made it real and my tears made it real. So I am crying for that girl I was at the beginning of this marriage. I was so hopeful. I had less baggage.”

Iyanna broke down in tears. @iyanna.amor/TikTok
Iyanna broke down in tears. @iyanna.amor/TikTok

Iyanna feels Jarrette changed during the course of their marriage.

She says: “I was optimistic, I was healed. I am crying for that marriage that I thought could work. I am crying for that man I believed he was.

“That man he convinced me he was in the beginning in between all that very scheduled filming there was good moments in there, there was connection and cameras left and s**t hit the wall."

She continued: "Don't get it twisted, I may be crying and I may be sad now but I am happy that we are moving forward.

"And I am happy that I'm out of something that no longer works for me. Something that drained the life out of me. It makes you question yourself, you know.

"I question my judgement, like, if my own husband couldn't see the value in me then what the f**k. It's really done now. So I release it. I release it.”

Jarrette and Iyanna are now divorced.

Posting the news to Instagram on Wednesday (17 August), the Iyanna and Jarrette said coming to the decision was 'far from easy' in a joint statement. They wrote: "After much thought, we're saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing.

“While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that's okay. Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best."

They continued: "We hope you all will give us some space as we close this chapter of our lives. Thank you to our close friends and family for loving us both through our experience.

“Each of you have brought overwhelming love and joy into our lives. This experience has taught us so much about ourselves, vulnerability and more. We don't regret a single thing."

Featured Image Credit: @iyanna.amor/TikTok

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