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Kinder Eggs Recalled After Fears Of Salmonella

Kinder Eggs Recalled After Fears Of Salmonella

And just before Easter!

A number of Kinder products have been recalled across the UK over fears of a link to salmonella.

People have been advised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to avoid a selection of Kinder products, which have since been pulled from supermarket shelves.

The list of products includes Kinder Surprise eggs (100g), Kinder Easter egg hunt kits (150g), Kinder Mini eggs (75g), and Kinder schokobons (200g).

Kinder Egg
Kinder Egg

20g Kinder eggs and three-packs of eggs with best before dates between 11th July 2022 and 7th October 2022 have been recalled.

Further cases have reportedly been seen across Europe, including Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

As a "precautionary measure", Ferrero, who make the Kinder chocolates, have decided to extend the recall of all other affected products across the UK with best before dates between 20th April 2022 and 21st August 2022.

All sweets affected by the suspected contamination have come from the same Belgian factory.

So far, 63 people across the UK have reportedly been infected with salmonella as a result of the outbreak, most of whom are young children.

All sweets affected by the contamination came from the same factory. (

In a warning from the Food Standards Agency, consumers who have already bought the products listed are advised not to eat them, and instead contact the Ferrero consumer careline to obtain a full refund.

The agency confirmed in a statement: "This is in connection with a potential link to a salmonella outbreak. A number of these cases have been young children.

"To reduce the risk of any further illness, consumers should not eat the products listed in the recall alert and they/the parent or guardians of children should follow the risk advice within it."

Potential symptoms of salmonella include diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, and fever.

Ferrero has said that they take the outbreak extremely seriously (

These symptoms can begin within a few hours of consuming the affected food, and tend to pass within a week.

Some severe cases, especially among children and those with weaker immune systems, can result in hospitalisation.

According to the NHS, to treat food poisoning, it's essential to avoid dehydration and consume lots of fluids.

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