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Girl, 7, raises nearly £7,900 to pay for her mum’s headstone after she died unexpectedly last month

Girl, 7, raises nearly £7,900 to pay for her mum’s headstone after she died unexpectedly last month

The Alabama youngster opened up a lemonade stand to raise the money

A grieving child has managed to raise a staggering $10,000 to pay for her late mother's headstone after she unexpectedly passed away last month.

American mother Karli Bordner was just 29-years-old when she suddenly and tragically died - with her cause of death not yet having been confirmed - leaving behind her seven-year-old daughter Emouree.

Tragically, Alabama-born Karli was unable to be buried with a headstone due to the family's tight financial circumstances.

Wanting to give her beloved late mother a proper, dignified send-off, however, Emouree subsequently set off her own mission to raise the money.

And in order to do so, the courageous youngster decided to open up a lemonade stand on her street, with hears of her endeavour quickly trending on social media.

Emouree opted to sell each cup of fresh lemonade for just $1 each, but was able to rack up an impressive amount in tips from admiring passers-by - many of whom were almost brought to tears over her heartbreaking cause.

Speaking to WAFF about her fundraising initiative, the tot admitted: "I didn't know that just by making a little lemonade would bring this many people."

Emouree's grandmother has shared updates online.

Within a matter of days, Emouree had raised over $10,000 (around £7,900 GBP) in order to fund her mother's headstone.

Her family are naturally proud as can be over the schoolgirl's work ethic, which she claimed she got from her 'mamma'.

"Emouree is so special, if you haven't figured it out," her grandmother Jennifer Bordner told press.

Since the youngster's heartwarming endeavour, Karli's mother Jennifer has also shared updates online every step of the way.

In some snaps, Emouree could be seen posing with a group of local firefighters, all of whom donated to her cause, as well as a pack of passing motorcyclists who purchased some of her sweet lemonade.

Jennifer went on to explain that local business had offered to contribute to paying for her late daughter's headstone, but that Emouree remained determined to raise the funds herself.

Karli died suddenly last month.

The grandmother told press she's been 'amazed' by Emouree's work, explaining she's since 'cried happy tears'.

Asked if her mother would be proud of her, the child replied: "Yeah. She would say I'm doing good."

Jennifer added: "Like she knows that mommy is ok now. She knows that she's going to be ok, and everybody cares and loves her.

"All these people showing all this and trying to help, it's actually helping heal the whole family."

Featured Image Credit: WAFF 48 News and Weather/GoFundMe

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