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Doctor dies suddenly after eating at Disney restaurant leaving family devastated

Doctor dies suddenly after eating at Disney restaurant leaving family devastated

A lawsuit has since been launched into the tragic death

A doctor died suddenly after eating at a Disney restaurant, leaving her family devastated and wanting answers.

An investigation has since been launched by Jeffrey J. Piccolo, in which he claims that his wife, Dr. Kanokporn Tangsuan, died of an allergic reaction after eating at the Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney World's Disney Springs area, NBC reports.

In the lawsuit, Piccolo accused the Florida restaurant of negligence.

An investigation has been launched following Dr. Kanokporn Tangsuan's sudden death after eating at a Disney restaurant.

On 5 October, 2023, Dr. Tangsuan, 42, went to the eatery with her husband and mother and chose the Raglan Road Irish Pub, as they were under the impressive it would be accommodating of her allergies.

The lawsuit went on to claim that the family were told by staff that they could get menu items allergen-free if they asked for it.

The documents claimed the trio were assured by their server that foods could be made allergen-free, and were told 'unequivocally' after asking several times that this would be the case.

They went on to order an array of dishes from the menu including; 'Sure I’m Frittered', 'Scallop Forest', 'This Shepherd Went Vegan' and 'Onion Rings'.

However, some of the dishes arrived to their table without 'allergen-free flags', prompting the couple to ask again about the allergen-free status of what they had ordered.

The legal documents alleged that they received the same answer from their server once again when they asked.

The couple then left each other around 8 pm in the evening with Piccolo going back upstairs to his hotel room while Dr Tangsuan stayed out shopping.

An autopsy report cited in the lawsuit alleges that Dr Tangsuan died of anaphylaxis.
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Then, about 45 minutes later, the doctor started having trouble breathing. She went into a nearby restaurant and collapsed due to 'severe acute allergic reaction to the food served at Raglan', according to the court documents.

She had attempted to stop the allergic response with an EpiPen and was taken to hospital.

When Piccolo tried to call her, the lawsuit alleges that a bystander answered his wife's phone and informed him of the events that had unfolded.

Upon reaching the hospital, he was informed that his wife had tragically died, with the complaint saying that according to her autopsy, she had elevated levels of dairy and nut in her system and that her death was an accident.

An autopsy report cited in the lawsuit alleges that the late doctor, who hailed from New York, died of anaphylaxis.

The lawsuit names Disney Parks and Resorts and the Raglan Road Irish Pub as defendants, alleging multiple counts of negligence and seeking over $50,000 (£39,000) in damages.

LADbible Group has previously contacted Disney Parks and Resorts for comment.

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