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Mum dies in her sleep in front of children and husband on flight back to UK

Mum dies in her sleep in front of children and husband on flight back to UK

Devoted mother dies in her sleep flying back to the UK.

devoted mother died in her sleep flying back to the UK as her husband and children watched on.

On 5 August, Helen Rhodes was moving back home to the UK after living in Hong Kong for 15 years.

The family was excited about embarking on a 'new chapter' when their worst nightmare came true.

Helen and her family were moving back to the UK from Hong Kong.
Jayne Jeje / GoFundMe

The flight had started as normal, but a few hours in, Helen, who seemed to be sleeping, became unresponsive.

According to a GoFundMe set up by Helen's friend Jayne Jeje: "Despite all efforts, Helen was not able to be resuscitated. This all unfolded in front of her children.

"For the remaining eight hours of the flight, Helen lay in a breathless sleep in her seat. Although this was extremely traumatising to the family, they all had time to say what they needed to say to her."

At first Helen was thought to be sleeping.
imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

The plane eventually landed in Frankfurt, Germany, and following protocol, Helen's body remained there while her husband and children flew on their connecting flight to the UK.

The family was understandably 'devastated,' and their 'loss is unimaginable', wrote Jeje.

Helen, who worked as a midwife, was described as the 'glue that held her family together'.

"[She] was always willing to lend a helping hand or advice to anyone who needed it."

During her time in Hong Kong, she became an incredibly important member of her community.

She was part of the Tung Chung Mums group, which consisted of 200 women in her local area, and she'd always be on hand to help with any medical queries from the mums.

Helen's body was removed in Frankfurt and her husband and kids had to continue their journey without her.
Jochen Tack / Alamy Stock Photo

While it was hard for the family to leave Hong Kong, she was said to have been excited about moving back to the UK, to see her friends and aging parents, whom she hadn't seen since the pandemic.

In her honour, the GoFundMe was set up with the message: "Our hope by creating this fund as a gesture in making sure her family doesn’t have to let unexpected expenses add to what they are already going through. To honour our dear friend Helen, who we will never forget.

"So please, if you can help us reach this goal. Give what you can and share with others."

The fund will be used towards funeral expenses, to support her children and husband, as well as to create a legacy to honour Helen, "so that her loved ones will feel how much she was loved and appreciated by many who were blessed with her kindness, friendship, and generous help."

Currently, £21,000 has been raised.

A Foreign Office spokesperson told The Guardian: "We are supporting the family of a British woman who died on a flight to Frankfurt and are in contact with the local authorities."

Featured Image Credit: Jayne Jeje / Go Fund Me

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