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Fury over abusive partner's sentence after mum was left fearing for her life

Fury over abusive partner's sentence after mum was left fearing for her life

Little’s behaviour changed when Frankish was three months pregnant

People have been left shocked and angry after a mum-of-two shared how she was saved from an abusive husband, with many debating the length of sentences for domestic violence.

Rosie Frankish, who is just 26 years old, met partner Daniel Little more than seven-and-a-half years ago in Warrington, Cheshire, when she was pregnant from a previous relationship.

Frankish felt Little seemed 'lovely', and the couple later moved in and got pregnant with a child of their own.

During the pregnancy, however, Little’s behaviour changed, and when Frankish was three months pregnant he grabbed her hair during an argument.

While she was hopeful she could make the relationship work, she said he became increasingly controlling and violent, and 'alienated' Rosie from her family and friends.

Frankish decided to end the relationship in 2020, but in 2022, Little made contact and asked if he could see the children.

She told him he could, but that someone else would have to be present to supervise – news he did not take well, soon being under arrest for attacking a stranger.

When he was released in December last year, he went to Frankish’s and started banging on the door, saying she would ‘have to pay’ for taking his family away from him.

Little allegedly attacked Frankish for six hours, before saying he wanted to go home to get clothes – at which point she called him a taxi, which he forced her to get inside with him.

She finally felt able to seek help when the taxi stopped and Little got out for a cigarette.

She uttered five words to the driver, recalling: “I knew Daniel was looking at me, expecting me to get out after him, so I said very quietly, without moving my face: 'Please drive. Just go. Now'.”

After the taxi driver drove Frankish to the police station, she was taken to hospital with severe cuts and bruises, including a 10cm bruise over her shoulder to elbow, a 5cm bruise over her chest, and swelling to her head and scalp. She also had reduced hearing in her left ear.

Little was eventually sentenced to three years and seven months in prison, of which he will serve half of before being released on licence.

After Frankish shared her story, many people have come forward to praise her bravery, while also slamming the ‘ridiculous’ sentence Little received.


Commenting on Tyla’s Facebook page, one person wrote: “Sentence is a joke! My heart goes out to her it really does.”

Someone else said: “What a absolute joke less than 2 years for that. People get more for having a bit of cannabis this country is absolutely ruined.”

A third wrote: “Fantastic bravery. She acted amazingly and managed to escape. Unfortunately the court system’s a joke, and more regard is given to the offender than the victim. It’s fantastic she's managed to get a way to circulate his image and hopefully women in his future will stay clear.

“Also getting him convicted means anyone doing a Clare’s Law disclosure will soon come to realise what a dangerous man he really is...”

A fourth agreed: “Domestic violence like this should have a heavier punishment.”

Featured Image Credit: Cheshire Police

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