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Woman ‘buried alive by mistake’ tried to escape her own coffin for 11 days, family say

Woman ‘buried alive by mistake’ tried to escape her own coffin for 11 days, family say

A woman who was buried in 2018 was put to rest by 'mistake' according to her family.

A family claimed that a woman 'buried alive by mistake' tried to escape her own coffin for a staggering 11 days.

Rosangela Almeida, 37, was declared dead in January 2018 after suffering from septic shock and two heart attacks, as per her death certificate.

Despite her cause of death being in black and white, her family subsequently claimed she was buried alive, but the allegations did not stop there.

Rosangela Almeida was buried in January 2018.
Family handout

The family also said they thought Almeida was conscious in her coffin for up 11 days afterwards.

The staggering claims came to light after several extremely disturbing pieces of evidence came to the forefront.

Visitors to the cemetery reportedly heard banging and even groaning from inside the stone tomb where Almeida had been buried in Riachao das Neves, northern Brazil.

Following the truly unbelievable reports, the woman's family rushed to the cemetery and exhumed her grave.

"When I got there right in front of the tomb, I heard banging from inside it," one eye witness said.

They added: "I thought the kids who play around the cemetery were playing a joke on me. Then I heard her groan twice, and after those two groans she stopped."

Chilling footage has since surfaced of the wooden coffin being pulled up from the grave.

As if the groans and banging weren't enough to frighten the family, but Almeida's loved ones made another chilling discovery when they examined the coffin.

They say there was evidence of injury to her wrists and forehead. There was also blood inside the coffin, and the nails on the lid of the coffin appeared to have come loose.

Germana de Almeida said: "Those nails on top were loose. Her hand was injured."

The family said that they didn't believe these wounds were present when they laid their loved one to rest.

People present at the exhumation also claimed that the body was not cold when they examined it.

They claimed that Almeida's body was still 'warm', which they thought suggested that Almeida had not been deceased for long.

The family claimed she was 'buried alive'.
Alan Thornton/Getty

When Almeida's body was exhumed she was tragically not alive, with it not being clear if she had still been alive when she was buried.

A subsequent police investigation into the incident found that the evidence of groans and banging may have been 'rumours'.

This meant that the people involved in the exhumation, the deceased's family, were open to being charged with disturbing a grave.

In Brazil, this could carry a sentence of up to three years in prison, according to the Brazilian penal code.

Civil authorities later concluded Almeida had not been buried alive.

Featured Image Credit: Family Handout/Alan Thornton/Getty

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