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Kidnapped teenage girl escapes home after couple chained her to bed and abused her for weeks

Kidnapped teenage girl escapes home after couple chained her to bed and abused her for weeks

An 18-year-old teenager was kidnapped by a couple who abused her for weeks

A devastating nightmare was an unfortunate reality for one Texan teen, who managed to miraculously escape the horrific abuse at a her captor's home.

Jose Reyes, 31, and Jaqueline Macias, 29, have been charged with the heinous crimes against the 18-year-old after allegedly kidnapping her.

The couple are said to have chained the young woman to a bed inside their home, before proceeding to rape her for a number of weeks, according to local authorities.

The pair were apprehended after the victim was able to escape her captors in Houston through a window after she noticed that both were out of the home.

As reported by Fox 29, on 16 July, she broke out of her captivity at night before finding refuge after dashing from door-to-door to alert the neighbours.

Jose Reyes and Jaqueline Macias held their victim captive for a month.
Harris County Jail / KHOU 11

The young woman told local authorities that she had met the Reyes about a month ago, at an undisclosed location where he ended up convincing her to come back home with him.

Speaking about the horrific day she was kidnapped, Harris County Constable Mark Herman said: “The whole script flipped almost immediately, and she was immediately held captive, tied up, and held in a room for approximately 30 days.”

But it wasn’t just a kidnapping that Jose had planned.

Herman explained: “At some point after they basically started holding her against her will, they began sexually assaulting her and other things. Just a very, very evil thing.”

After a month of being kept chained without consent, the teenager realised that Reyes and Macias had left their home that Sunday night and was able to break free of her bonds to make her escape through the window.

Though barefoot, she ran to neighbours to ask for help.

The victim was held in a house in Houston.

Herman detailed that the victim was 'in disarray, confused, as anyone would be, and wanted help'.

According to the constable, the responding officers immediately noticed marks on her hands and legs which would indicate that she had been tied or bound.

The kidnapped girl has since told authorities that the evil pair had held her hostage for almost a month, raping and chaining her for weeks.

After being found by the officers, she was able to be taken to the hospital for immediate care, though it wasn’t clear what her condition was upon arrival.

Whilst the victim was safe in the hands of medical staff, her alleged abductors weren’t able to be taken into custody until they returned to their home later, as per Herman’s statement.

Constable Mark Herman held a conference, detailing the victim's ordeal.

Charged with kidnapping, there might be additional charges added as the investigation continues according to authorities.

Terrifyingly, the pair are allegedly new parents to a 2-week-old baby.

When appearing in court on 17 July, Macias had her bond set at $50,000 while Reyes was held on a $100,000 bond.

Investigators currently aren’t sure about the nature of the relationship between the victim and her alleged attackers, or whether the girl had been reported missing by her family, but with more time and digging, there is sure to be clarification.

Featured Image Credit: Harris County Jail / KHOU 11

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