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Couple welcome twin boys born on two different days and years

Couple welcome twin boys born on two different days and years

They were in total 'shock'

People all over gathered in pubs, clubs, living rooms and just about everything in-between to bring on the New Year with a bang.

However, it seems some people clearly had a more eventful New Year's than others after one couple welcomed twin boys born on two different days and years.

For Eve and Billy Humphrey, who hail from New Jersey, it was a total surprise that they would be having two babies instead of one.

Remembering the moment she and Billy found out the news, Eve recalled: "The doctor was like, 'Well, there's two heartbeats.' And I was like, 'Let me see. I don't believe you'. And I was in shock."

The two little bubs were due to be born at the end of January - however, when Eve's water broke on New Year's Eve, Billy was wondering whether he'd have to share his own NYE birthday with his two sons.

He gushed: "I'm like - what a great birthday gift! I get two boys on my birthday. We came in early enough on that day that I was thinking, 'Okay, maybe this is going to happen?'"

Twins Ezra and Ezekiel were born on two different days and years.
Virtua Voorhees Hospital

After arriving at the hospital, the first baby, named Ezra, was welcomed to the world at 11:48 pm on New Year's Eve, weighing in at an even six pounds.

"Once he was born you know, thinking of the tax write-off, I was like, 'Maybe we can get another tax write-off!'" Eve said.

Ezra's little brother of followed shortly mere minutes later, however, due to the unique timings, he was technically born a year later.

"I was still pushing when everyone's doing the countdown and we just all said, 'Happy New Year' in the middle of me trying to push out Baby B," the mum revealed.

The second baby, named Ezekiel, was born at 12:28 am on New Year's Day, weighing a little less than his older brother at four pounds and 15 ounces.

The twins were born within less than an hour of each other.
Virtua Voorhees Hospital

Talking about his newborn sons, Billy went on to say: "I just know they're going to be world changers. And they couldn't share the same day, right? They needed their own spotlight."

"Seeing them in person and seeing their faces - they're so cute. I'm so glad they're healthy," added Eve.

It seems like January is going to be a pretty busy month for the Humphrey family-of-five as the twins' older brother, Hezekiah, is celebrating his third birthday today (3 January).

Congratulations Eve and Billy!

Featured Image Credit: Virtua Voorhees Hospital

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