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Conjoined twins who share the same genitals want to marry the same woman

Amelia Jones

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Conjoined twins who share the same genitals have said they'd like to marry the same woman - despite having two distinct personalities.

Sohna and Mohna Singh from Punjab, India, were abandoned by their parents at birth and lived in a poverty stricken shelter in New Delhi ever since.

The appeared late last year in an interview on independent documentary maker Ruhi Cenet's YouTube channel.

As Cenet does a quick run down of the pair's anatomy, trying to discover who has sensation in and control of what body part, he shares that 'they were born with one of the rarest cases in the world; they share a stomach, a liver, a bladder and anus together'.


However 'the hearts, lungs and brains of Sohna and Mohna Singh brothers are separate and their own'.

The twins share the same genitals. Credit: YouTube/@RuhiCenetGlobal
The twins share the same genitals. Credit: YouTube/@RuhiCenetGlobal

Cenet says: "They have different human brains that communicate and coordinate within milliseconds."

Inevitably, as he ticks off the body parts, he comes to a more intimate area, asking bluntly: "Do you have the same genitals?"


When they answer yes, Cenet questions further: "Do you feel the same?"

"Same," they replete in unison.

Later the conversation moves from the physical to their lives together and the 19-year-olds' collective future.

"What do you think about marriage?" Cenet asks. "Do you want to get married in the future?"


They both agree: "Yes, yes."

Cenet asks: "With the same person?"

The pair respond: "Same."

The pair hope to marry the same person. Credit: YouTube/@RuhiCenetGlobal
The pair hope to marry the same person. Credit: YouTube/@RuhiCenetGlobal

"Is there any jealousy between you?" the interviewer asks.

"We are always together there's no point in jealousy," Sohna explains, with no objections from Mohna.

In 2021, it was reported that the two siblings got two separate salaries for their jobs.

Speaking to the Independent, the twins previously said: “We are thankful to the Punjab government for recognising our talent.”


However, in this 2022 interview with Ruhi Cenet, the pair claim otherwise.

The brothers told the YouTuber that they earn just $245 (£197) a month - that's just one salary for working together as electricians for the government.

Viewers were outraged with the idea of two identities earning a single salary, with many heading straight to the comment section to voice their objections.

One said: "If they have separate identities they should get two different cheques."

Another agreed: "One salary wage for two people? That’s making me angry."

A third lamented: "The salary part killed me. just shows you how bad these cooperations are."

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Amelia Jones
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