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Chronically ill woman shares desperate note for ‘inconsiderate’ driver parked in disabled space

Chronically ill woman shares desperate note for ‘inconsiderate’ driver parked in disabled space

The teenager lives with several disabilities

A Gold Coast woman who is chronically ill wrote a frustrated note for an 'inconsiderate' driver parked in a disability bay without a badge.

The 19-year-old was left crying in her car after a driver left their white Mitsubishi in a disability spot in her building's car park.

The unnamed teenager wrote that her week was made 'extremely difficult' because she had was forced to 'park in far away parks'.

It seems that the perpetrator left their car in the spot while taking a holiday.


Speaking to, she said: "If you have to park somewhere else you have got to park a far way away and I struggle to walk long distances.

"The lower levels have steep ramps for cars, or stairs - there is no elevator.

"I normally call my boyfriend to help me up because it agitates my pain to such a bad level when I have to do those physical activities that I’m not supposed to be doing.

"It’s not fair for people with disability to struggle on top of their disability."


The teenager noted: "I hope you enjoyed your holiday, however, since you've arrived you have been parked in a disability parking space without a permit.

"This has made my week extremely difficult as I rely on these spaces to prevent me from having to park in far away parks or sometimes the basement.

"In future, please be more aware of where you are parking and how it may affect others."

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On social media, she updated her followers on the situation and wrote: "(On day six) I spoke to the security again and they said that the management don’t see an issue so now it will just stay there for the remainder of their holiday.

"I’m fed up that no one seems to notice how exhausting it is for disabled people to have these parks taken away from them.

"I’ve had to park down two levels in my basement five times this week because of this person who has taken one of the disabled spots.

"I sit in my car and cry, dreading the walk up two steep basement ramps."

Issuing their support, one person commented: "Can I say how well you handled this?

"You remained so respectful in your note. Credit to you for this."

"I thought it was genuinely illegal to park in them? What the heck?," another wrote.

"This is actually such a kind note you're so patient," a third said.

The teenager revealed that staff later found the culprit who returned after seven days. They asked the owner to move, but no infringements were made.

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