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Tragic words children told their dad before he was killed in a car crash

Tragic words children told their dad before he was killed in a car crash

The final words of a family to husband before he died are heartbreaking

A mum has shared her children's final words to their dad who died in a car accident this month in Brisbane.

On 11 January, Ken Hembrow tragically lost his life after his motorcycle collided with a four-wheel-drive vehicle at the intersection of Adelaide and Queen streets.

The 37-year-old father of two was just minutes from work at the hair salon Urban Hair Loft which he and his wife Chrissy co-owned when the tragic incident took place.

The family have since shared an intimate detail about their final moments together and it's heartbreaking.

Chrissy spoke to the Courier Mail to explain the painful morning and their final moment as a family.

Ken Hembrow tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident.
GoFundMe/ Holly Ivy Moore

She explained that the last time she and their children saw the ‘devoted’ husband and father alive it had been a normal morning like any other day.

Chrissy and their two daughters hugged and told him they loved him before he died.

Chrissy explained: “Basically he left us at 7.20am to go to work, kissed the girls goodbye, they waved and said ‘I love you, daddy’.

“I got to work a bit later and realised the salon sign wasn't out. I noticed the door was closed and clients were waiting.

“I knew something terrible had happened.”

Ken had been an experienced motorcycle rider of 12 years before the accident.

After the terrible crash, Urban Hair Loft had to be temporarily closed as the family grieve their loss, while the Forensic Crash Unit investigates the crash.

The team has appealed for anyone to come forward with CCTV or dashcam footage to help with their enquiry.

But due to the closure of their business, help has come from a heartwarming source - a hair client.

Holly Moore was one of Ken’s clients and has set up a GoFundMe page to help the Hembrow family financially through this time of mourning.

Ken and Chrissy were high school sweethearts.

The customer said: “Ken was my hairdresser, not just talented at what he did but also a devoted 'girls' daddy who always relished the chance to tell me about just how wonderful his girls Willow & Hazel were and how lucky he was to watch them grow.

“There was a passion in his parenting that most would envy.”

She went on to describe Ken’s passion for being a father which 'could also be matched for his love of Chrissy, his beautiful, devoted and also talented wife'.

Holly remembered Ken 'as being kind, caring, gentle, loving, talented and just an all round wonderfully genuine human being'.

She continued: “Please help me by donating to this fund which will go to Chrissy, Ken's adoring wife, to help ease this huge burden and the stress of having to raise her beautiful little family without the presence of the man they adore, miss and love,”

Ken and Chrissy had been together since they were 16 years old.

With 12 years of marriage and two children together, Chrissy calls her husband a 'gentle giant'.

She said: “Everybody loved him, he was called a gentle giant, always so inclusive of everyone, making sure people were happy before him.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/GoFundMe

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