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Teenagers who murdered 16-year-old Brianna Ghey have been named

Teenagers who murdered 16-year-old Brianna Ghey have been named

The two killers of the teen have finally been named

The two teenagers who murdered 16-year-old Brianna Ghey have been named and pictured for the first time.

Back in December, the teenagers who were arrested and charged with the killing of Brianna were found guilty of her brutal and sickening murder.

Following a harrowing trial at Manchester Crown Court, it was announced that the pair, who were previously known only as 'Girl X' and 'Boy Y', would be sentenced in early 2024.

The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene in Culcheth Linear Park on 11 February 2023.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 16, can now be named as the killers of teenager Brianna Ghey after Mrs Justice Yip lifted a ban on reporting their identities before they are sentenced for murder at Manchester Crown Court.

Transgender teenager Brianna was stabbed with a hunting knife 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back after being lured to the forested park area on 11 February 2023.

Her killers denied carrying out the murder and each blamed the other for the killing of the teenager, which was described as 'horrific' by detectives.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe have been named as the murderers of Brianna Ghey.

Yip adjourned sentencing to an unconfirmed later date in the New Year, before making it clear to the convicted pair that they faced life sentences after being found guilty.

The jury - made up of seven men and five women - heard that the killers were intelligent, 'high functioning' and came from normal backgrounds.

Brianna was stabbed with a hunting knife 28 times.

Brianna was found by a dog-walker who called 999 after finding her severely injured at 3.13pm, before she was pronounced dead at the scene at 4.02pm.

The defendants were also found to have had a fascination for violence, torture and murder – and a 'thirst for killing'.

Since being found guilty, the lawyers of Brianna's murderers requested a period of time prior to sentencing for the preparation of psychological reports.

Peter Spooner, father of Brianna Ghey, arriving at Manchester Crown Court.

"Frankly I don’t expect them to make a huge difference to the outcome in sentencing but given their ages and the unusual circumstances of the case, I think it is right I have all the information available," Mrs Justice Yip previously told members of the court.

"I’m very conscious that no doubt the family of Brianna would want this case to be concluded as soon as possible."

The pair previously couldn't be named for legal reasons, being that they were both 15 at the time of the murder.

The defendants could now face a mandatory life sentence.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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