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Glastonbury singer asks BBC to delete performance after shocking abuse

Glastonbury singer asks BBC to delete performance after shocking abuse

The singer received backlash after her performance was shared online

An artist who has received abuse since performing at Glastonbury has asked the BBC to remove her set.

The 33-year-old performed on the Park Stage at Worthy Farm on the festival's first afternoon yesterday (Friday 23 June) but received shocking levels of abuse after her set was shared online.

Her musical style has been described as 'no wave' - an avant-garde style that developed in 1970s New York as a reaction to 'new wave'.

It incorporates elements of noise music, dissonance, atonality, and sometimes borrows from other genres such as free jazz.

In her response to the abuse she's received online, Billy Nomates - real name Tor Maries - has claimed that she will give no more performances after the ones she has scheduled this summer and appears to have also deleted an Instagram account linked to her act.

Billy Nomates has asked the BBC to take down clips of her Glastonbury performance.

In her statement, the singer wrote: “The level of personal abuse on @bbc6music socials for goin [sic] to work today is insane.

"I’ve asked for all footage to be removed. I know it’s not for everyone what I do.

"I know lots of people don’t rate me. But the level of personal abuse on that public page is too much. There will be no more shows after this summer."

She concluded: "You wouldn’t stay in a workplace that did this to you. Why should I."

When approached for comment, a representative for the BBC told Tyla: "We want 6 Music to be a place where brilliant artists such as Billy Nomates are celebrated and supported, and we have respected Tor’s request to have the clip posted on our social channels removed."

We also attempted to contact Billy Nomate's reps for comment.

Loads of other artists have been offering their support, however, including singer/songwriter Billy Bragg, who wrote: "Solidarity from everyone at Left Field with Billy No Mates who was so badly abused online after her @glastonbury set was posted on @BBC6Music that she asked them to take the clip down.

"She played a set for us last year and was brilliant. You’ll always have place here Tor."

Billy Nomates received shocking abuse online after her Glastonbury performance.

Portishead star Geoff Barrow also wrote: “This is what some female artists have to put up with from #6music Dads online.

"F*** ’em

"#BillyNoMates is one of the most talented song writers and performers I’ve ever worked with and had the pleasure to know."

BBC 6 Music DJ, Mary Anne Hobbs, also chimed in to share her support, tweeting: "100 per cent love for Billy Nomates."

While Robin Ince added: "I hope Billy Nomates has seen all the people praising her this morning - to give your all and then see people sneer or dismiss can utterly break you - but it seems there is also a huge amount of love out there for her - deservingly so."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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