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Woman wins the Lotto after using lucky numbers she saw in a dream

Woman wins the Lotto after using lucky numbers she saw in a dream

She said she played the numbers every week after seeing them in a dream

A woman claims her winning lottery numbers came to her in a dream, which adds a new twist to the phrase ‘rich beyond your wildest dreams’.

The woman, who lives in Altona in Melbourne, Australia, scooped a cool AUD$1,006,109 (around £535,352) last month after her numbers: 2, 6, 12, 32, 36 and 45 came up.

The unnamed woman actually won on 12 April but as she was on holiday at the time, she didn’t find out she’d become a millionaire until she returned home and checked her account.

Speaking to The Lott, she said: “This is very exciting! We were very surprised! We had been away, so I hadn't checked my ticket

“When I checked my online account and saw I'd won a million dollars, I thought, ‘No! No way’.

“I almost fainted! I’m so overwhelmed. It’s a very nice surprise.” I think that’s putting it mildly.

She went on to say that she used the same numbers each week after seeing them in a dream once.

“I always play these numbers,” she said. “They were in a dream I had. I remembered the numbers from my dream and put them all on a Lotto ticket.”

The woman became a millionaire thanks to her dream.
Pixabay/Hermann Traub

As yet, the woman says she’s not sure what she’ll spend her winnings on but says that the cash will ‘make things a whole lot easier’.

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first story this year about someone hitting the jackpot after having a dream.

A woman from Baltimore, in the US, took home $100,000 (around £82,900) back in February after stopping off on her way home from work to pick up a scratch card.

The woman, who also chose not to share her name publicly, revealed that she had recently had a dream in which she bought a winning instant ticket and won the top prize.

The woman says the numbers came to her in her sleep.

She bought herself two instant win scratch cards - the first wasn’t a winner, but after checking the other at a self-service vending machine she was told to take it to a store clerk.

When the clerk scanned it, they told the woman to take it home with her and check again in the morning.

The woman then rang her husband to tell him she believed she’d won a big prize and the pair checked it together and discovered she was correct.

She said: "I just like the fun of it. Of course, you want to win. I never expected to win anything like this."

Right, I’m off to bed to see if I can dream my way to becoming rich.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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