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Deaf Woman Left Heartbroken By 'Horrible' Note Left On Receipt

Deaf Woman Left Heartbroken By 'Horrible' Note Left On Receipt

Ashley Vallejo shared her 'awkward' experience at the Dutch Bros café chain in Waco, Texas.

A deaf woman has called for employees to have 'patience' when serving customers with disabilities after she discovered a mean note on her receipt from a café she visited.

Ashley Vallejo, from Waco, Texas, visited Dutch Bros for the first time and ordered a large coffee, and was left in shock when she discovered the note the employee left for her.

She told her followers she felt 'punished' after admitting that she has some vocal issues but tries to speak with her voice as well reading lips and using sign language to interact with customer service workers, despite being legally deaf.

A copy of the receipt was shared on Twitter- showing how she was described as 'the most difficult customer ever 'and social media users have called out Dutch Bros for the employee's behaviour.

One outraged viewer said: “I’m in Waco and I’m sharing this!!! This is not right.”

Another TikTok user encouraged Ashley to file a complaint: “I’d make a complaint to the higher management of that company. Every place has to be accommodated and treated with the best hospitality as possible!”

Another local said: “This is absolutely unacceptable. Please keep us posted if there's an update. You have all of Waco supporting you.”

Ashley asked employees to have 'patience' when serving customers with disabilities. (

However, some TikTok users defended the company, with one woman leaving the message: “1 rude employee doesn’t define the whole company. I’ve had some sweet convos with some cool people at Dutch Bros. PUT BLAME ON THE INDIVIDUAL!”

A representative for Dutch Bros released a statement with the local news website KWTX.

“The experience the customer had was deeply disappointing, unacceptable and against everything Dutch Bros stands for,” the company said. “We’ve addressed this incident internally and have reached out to the customer.”

Featured Image Credit: @ashley_deafvibe/TikTok

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