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Dog that bit owner's leg turned out to be 'saving his life'

Dog that bit owner's leg turned out to be 'saving his life'

The dog owner posted a heartfelt statement about his four-legged friend

We all know that dogs have been a close furry companion to humans for thousands of years now but one pup took the idea of being 'man's best friend' to a whole new level.

Dog owner Zackary Pate, who hails from Alabama, United States, revealed that his four-legged friend once bit his leg in a bid to save him from a venomous snake.

Pate opened up about the miraculous incident and revealed his pooch, Ruger, not only saved him a trip to the emergency room but possibly even 'saved his life'.

Zackary Pate revealed that his four-legged friend once bit his leg to save him from a venomous snake.
Facebook/Zackary Pate

During a walk with Ruger back in 2021, Pate was initially shocked when the 18-month-old Cane Corso, who was otherwise very well-tempered, began biting at his leg.

"I looked down at his mouth, and he had something shaking his head pretty hard. I didn’t know what it was, he always plays with sticks all the time, but it ended up being a snake," the man recalled via ABC33/40.

And the creature wasn't just your average garden snake, no, it was a venomous Copperhead snake which is a type of pit viper.

While their bites are rarely fatal and 'extremely rare' according to National Geographic, there is still a slim chance of a bite resulting in death.

"Most can be treated by medical room visits," National Geographic explains. "But copperheads are considered to be the most dangerous snake in many states because they're the most likely to bite or be found near human dwellings."

Pate continued: "After he let go of the snake, I didn't know if it was knocked out or dead, but it really hit hard home. I realised then, he risked his life to save mine.

"There's no doubt in my mind the snake would've got me where I was at. I would've had to run 250 yards up to my truck, and I don’t know what people know about snake bites, but if you get your heart pumping that venom moves a lot faster."

The man was brought to 'tears' following Ruger's brave act.
Facebook/Zackary Pate

The dog owner also took to Facebook at the time to share a heartfelt statement about the matter.

It began: "Well Ruger saved me a hospital trip maybe even my life.

"He has never bitten me beside playing but today while walking the lake as we always do he became pretty aggressive nipping at me then wrapped my leg and his dew claws really dig in."

Naturally, Pate then turned to 'scold' the dog for the 'aggressive' behavior but was left baffled when Ruger started to act erratically.

"He ran around me like trying to avoid me," Pate continued. "I turned to grab him and he had a Copperhead backed against a log and he tried to kill him till I got a stick to finish him off."

Clearly moved by his pooch's brave act of sacrifice, the Alabama man admitted: "Literally almost filled my eyes with tears knowing he risked his life to save me.

"I literally sat down with him and held him."

Pate finished the Facebook post by praising Ruger for being his 'guardian'.

"Best dog ever award goes to this guy," he concluded. "Rather have this cut than the bite from that Copperhead any day. "Thankful for my best friend."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Zackary Pate

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