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Woman Who Suffered Freak Illness Can Now Only Walk In High Heels

Woman Who Suffered Freak Illness Can Now Only Walk In High Heels

Yasmine Gibb says high heels have given her 'a little normality' after suffering a rare neurological condition.

A woman has gone through the unthinkable by realising she is dependant on high heels for 'normality' after suffering a rare neurological condition.

Yasmine Gibb developed excruciating stomach pains and was rushed to hospital shortly after completing her first sprint triathlon in May.

The 29-year-old Irish dancer claims she was misdiagnosed with a kidney infection and was sent home with antibiotics after her results came back inconclusive.

“I was on a course with work,” she explains. “I was driving home the next day and I was in agony.

"I was in tears by the time I got home with the pain in my stomach and back.

"I'd not seen my dog for a few days so I wanted to take them on a wee wander. We were out for 10 minutes and I couldn't keep up any sort of pace.

"I was really exhausted and I needed to get home.

"We phoned NHS 24 that night and went to the hospital. They said it was a kidney infection and sent me away.”

Yasmine now wears high heels to be able to walk.
Kennedy News & Media.

A few days later, her legs began ‘giving way’ and she collapsed frequently.

This was only the beginning of Yasmine’s problems as she soon discovered that she was barely able to walk and her legs shook uncontrollably.

Doctors could not explain Yasmine's symptoms.
Kennedy News & Media.

Yasmine said: "They said they didn't have any idea what my pain was. They even suggested I might have had a stomach bug but I knew my body, I'm not a hypochondriac.

"I explained my job and my triathlons, running and cycling. I went home and rested for a few days but I was getting worse and worse. My legs had completely given way and my body started to tremor if I did certain things.

"If I picked up the kettle I would tremor because of the effort.

She had to undergo further scans and tests after suffering a seizure on her bathroom floor and she was eventually diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder, a condition that affects the nervous system.

Yasmine, who is from Glasgow, Scotland, was left using a wheelchair but has found an incredible way to put her heel-wearing experience as a former professional dancer to good use.

Yasmine now has to wait at least six months for treatment.
Kennedy News & Media.

Although the thought of ‘crazily high’ heels being the only option would be extremely daunting for some, for Yasmine her elevated footwear have given her a new lease of life.

“For me, I want to get back to some sort of normality where I can live my life again - back to health and fitness and being able to do my job,” Jasmine explains.

"[When I heard the diagnosis] I was expecting I'd be stuck in a chair for life and that was me. I was freaking out.

"I was super surprised that the heels made it easier to walk. It was probably because I was concentrating on the heels or because I was a dancer and used to standing on my toes for so long.

"I don't usually wear heels, I'm a trainers and Doc Martens girl through and through, but I think I'll be wearing them more often now."

Yasmine struggled to walk her dog before she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder.
Kennedy News & Media.

Yasmine now faces a long wait for neuro-physiothereapy but says her high heels have given her some ‘normality’ back.

She said: "It was definitely easier to walk in the heels than without.

"In the hospital the neurologist tried a few different walking techniques. I was able to be much steadier on the tips of my toes but I was still shaking a little.

"I used to walk about my house like this for years due to being a dancer so he reckoned the years of practice may have helped as my concentration is on something else.

"I'll also be using them as part of my physio programme. It's so incredible to walk and not shake or for my leg to give way.

"It gives me a little normality even for a small while before I go back to shaking in the heels, then it's scary as it's quite the tumble as they are quite high.

Yasmine must now use a wheelchair.
Kennedy News & Media.

She also revealed there is not currently a plan for her treatment because of the long waiting list.

"My legs are still bad. I went to the park in a wheelchair this week. I can wander a little bit but I'm in a lot of pain afterwards.

"I've got really severe back pain and I've basically been told to slow it down.

"I'm in a wheelchair most of the time now but the aim is to not be. They don't want you to use a wheelchair and don't recommend it because they want you to use muscles but I wouldn't be able to do anything if not. I would be climbing the walls.

"Unfortunately there isn't a plan for my treatment. The neurologist said I could wait up to six months because they have a long list to see.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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