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Women are sharing their 'petty wins' and people are calling them 'genius'

Women are sharing their 'petty wins' and people are calling them 'genius'

Some of these are hilarious.

Women are sharing their 'petty wins' online, and people are living for them... because who doesn't love a bit of pettiness here and there?

Taking to Reddit, one person asked others to share their 'small petty wins in life' as part of a light-hearted discussion, and it didn't take long before the responses were flooding in.

"Reading another thread about house prices and I wondered AIBU to ask you for your small petty wins in life?" the person wrote.

"Not those big, long-con revenges that require loads of planning, just the small moments when the universe served up someone or something what they deserved? I can't think of any that aren't quite outing at the moment but I'll have a think."

Many of the stories involved arguments with partners.
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And believe me when I say this, some of the responses are hilarious.

One woman revealed how she sought revenge on her husband after an argument, explaining: "I used to put a little bit of glitter on DH's pillow if he'd annoyed me. Even after a morning shower there were still traces of it for work."

Another shared their own devious story, adding: "I was once cross with DH, so I encouraged our toddler to decorate daddy's hard hat with about a million unicorn and fairy and Peppa Pig stickers.

One woman admitted to putting glitter on her husband's pillow.

"Some were the really sticky stickers which only come off if you soak and scrub them. I returned the hard hat to his car, putting it upside down on the floor so he wouldn't notice the stickers until he got to work. I spent all day imagining the other builders having a laugh at his expense."

Another wrote: "When my ex k**bhead annoyed me I used to clean the bathroom taps with his toothbrush."

While a fourth admitted: "If DH annoys me I hang his clothes on the line with the old manky clothes pegs, and I keep the nice new pegs for my clothes. Very petty and he would never notice, but I do and it makes me feel better."

There were plenty of driving anecdotes, too, with another person commenting on the thread: "Another driving one... really brings out the best in people doesn't it!

"Some a**hat tailgating and flashing lights behind me, I was driving speed limit. Mr Very Important decided to drive around me and got flashed by a speed camera as overtook me (by going over the speed limit!) on the wrong side of the road. Just desserts!"

There were a few driving stories, too.
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Another shared a story about her demanding boss, adding: Used to have a boss who decided he was far too important to make his own drinks... I’d get in for 8.30, he didn’t get in til past 9am. Used to take great pleasure in making his coffee at 8.30 so it would be cold when he arrived, but he couldn’t say I’d not done it.

"Sometimes he’d have no sugar, sometimes he’d have three. Sometimes a teabag would fall in accidentally. Sometimes I’d use a manky old spoon covered in someone’s yoghurt from the day before."

We could read these all day!

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