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Woman makes 'amazing' and 'crispy' roast potatoes without an oven or air fryer

Woman makes 'amazing' and 'crispy' roast potatoes without an oven or air fryer

One woman has made the best-looking roasties we've ever seen and she didn't even use an oven.

A woman has managed to make the best-looking roasties we've ever seen... and she didn't even use an oven.

Before you ask, she didn't use an air fryer either, and we honestly can't get over this recipe.

So, if want to impress your mates with an incredible roast this Sunday, keep reading.

For starters, Ria McCllough, the genius behind the roasties from heaven, uses Navan potatoes. And according to her, here's what she does: "I parboiled potatoes for 10 minutes then steam dried. While they were cooling down slightly I added a few glugs of mild olive oil into the slow cooker."

She then puts the slow cooker on high so the oil is hot when she adds the potatoes.

Then comes the seasoning: "I added a shake of peppers, sage, flour, onion granules & salt to the potatoes and shook them a bit."

The potatoes are then tossed in hot oil and left on high for four hours, yep four, with a tea towel under the lid.

Just look at these beauties.
Ria McCllough

If you're wondering why exactly she puts the tea towel under the lid, it's because it traps the condensation so helps get that incredible golden-brown colour on the spuds.

Also, for reference you'll likely want to make sure there's an even layer of potatoes: "I would imagine they all need to touch the bottom to make them crispy, if they are top of each other they’ll likely ‘sweat’ rather than go crispy. This was my first time making them so I couldn’t say for sure!"

And we're honestly about to break out a slow cooker from under our stairs!

Naturally, some couldn't wait to try the potatoes out, with one writing: "OMG you've just saved my Sunday roasts."

However, others weren't convinced: "4 hours! nah, I'm good ..Woman shares 'game-changing' way she makes roast potatoes without using oven."

In case you were worried, these aren't the potatoes.
incamerastock/Alamy Stock Photo

While another said: "Bit like claiming to have cracked a revolutionary way of cooking toast by leaving it under a reading lamp all day."

But, at this point, we'd like to point out that you can leave the slow cooker and get other bits done.

Also, let's all be honest here a slow cooker is a bit like a toastie machine, you get it out of the cupboard, use it for a couple of weeks, and then it goes away for another year or so.

Still absolutely worth getting it out for a spin — what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook funkyfood London/Paul Williams/Alamy Stock Photo

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