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Women Are Just Discovering Why Bras Have A Bow At The Front

Women Are Just Discovering Why Bras Have A Bow At The Front

Our minds = blown.

One of the best-kept (Victoria's) secrets of our time was revealed earlier this month - why do pants always have that tiny bow on the front?

With that longstanding question finally solved, people are now turning their attention to the baby bows on bras. Strangely enough, the answer in this case is totally different.

Why do bras always have that little bow on the front? [

From M&S to Primark, Calvin Klein and beyond - you'll probably see a wide range of bras with little bows in between the two cups.

And after one Quora user questioned where the decoration comes from, a history expert swiftly replied with the answer we've all been waiting for.

"In olden days when women wore corsets, there was a piece of whalebone called a busk," they wrote.

"It was inserted in a sheath down the front of the corset and tied in place with a bow. The busk is gone but the bow remains".

Corsets were originally made with whale bones. [

According to the National Museum of American History, baleen 'ribs' - otherwise known as whalebone - is a substance which can be found in the mouth of a whale. It's formed of keratin, which can also be found in human hair and nails.

No wonder it needed a bow to tie it in place!

Meanwhile, one history blogger speculates that bows were first added to corsets in the early 20th century - as well as lace edging and ribbon - to give it a prettier look.

Question solved! [

While it seems the jury is still out, Quora users couldn't agree on whether or not bra bows are a welcome addition.

"Am I unreasonable to think a grown woman does not need a ribbon bow between her breasts?!", one woman said.

Another user disagreed. "Sometimes it's just nice to wear a bow where no-one else sees", they stated.

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