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Woman who just won lottery admits she doesn't want to share winnings with husband

Woman who just won lottery admits she doesn't want to share winnings with husband

A woman who has just won the lottery doesn't want to share any of it with her husband.

I think we've all had that conversation as to what we would do with the money if we were ever to win the lottery.

Of course, 99 percent of us will never win the lottery and the whole conversation is just purely hypothetical.

But for some very lucky few, that dream could become a reality.

And for one woman, it did.

Following her win, she took to the popular 'Am I the A**hole' Reddit forum to reveal that she doesn't want to share her lottery winnings with her husband.


In a now removed post, the woman began the post by explaining how she had recently won the lottery from a scratch card and how she was really excited about it - like we all would be.

The woman won big on the lottery.

She didn't actually disclose how much she had won though, but did go as far as saying that that it was 'semi-life-changing money' to the tune of 'tens of thousands of dollars'.

As soon as she found out that she would be receiving a small fortune, the woman knew immediately what she wanted to do with it.

She said that she wanted to do a bit of travelling overseas, but not with her husband - instead opting for a solo holiday.

And her husband was understandably not happy with the suggestion, apparently saying that she was being unreasonable.

He then told his wife that the money should go into their joint savings account to go towards a house deposit or a car.

However, the woman wrote on Reddit: "That doesn’t seem fair to me since I bought the ticket, scratched it, and cashed it in for the money myself.

"We have a joint account but also separate accounts for spending," before adding that the winnings were technically her money, so she could spend it on what she likes.

"My husband isn’t owed half of the money just because we are married," she said.

The husband is certainly not happy with his wife's stance.

If you head to the comments section of the Reddit post, then you'll find that the vast majority agreed with her husband.

"Came here to say this. Half the money is his.....Sounds like the marriage is odd if you think different." one Reddit user wrote.

A second added: "I can understand not wanting to do house repairs or buy a new washing machine, but seriously, not wanting to share?! Just, wow!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Are forgetting the ‘for better or for worse part’ of marriage. Why would you not celebrate together?"

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