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Woman issues warning on ‘neutral friends’ and how to spot the major red flags

Woman issues warning on ‘neutral friends’ and how to spot the major red flags

Her TikTok sparked a heated debate

When things with family get frustrating, your relationship is on the rocks and work just isn't seeming to go well - you can always get a little help from your friends to make it all better.

However, it seems we should be aware of those we keep close after one woman issued an urgent warning on 'neutral friends' and how to spot the major red flags.

The woman, Tanea Marie - who goes by the handle @taneamariee online - took to TikTok to share with her 128.1k followers exactly what warning signs to be wary of.

One woman shared the major red flag 'neutral friend' behaviour.

She began: "One of the biggest friendship red flags to pay attention to is the neutral friend."

Explaining the phenomenon a little further, Tanea continued: "This mostly applies to friend groups whenever there's conflict between two people - you have that friend that doesn't want to get involved and just wants to remain neutral."

She then recalled an anecdote of when she herself had a 'neutral friend', carrying on: "When I was in college, I had a friend group and I found out that one of my friends was talking poorly about me behind my back and threatening me and my other friends decided to remain neutral.

"And if you have a friend who wants to remain neutral in situations like this, that shows me a couple things: 1) that you would rather keep the peace than stand up for what's right. 2) Your moral compass is flawed. 3) You're not my friend."

Tanea was also sure to point out: "Now it's different when you have a friend who wants everyone involved to come to resolution and take accountability - that is a good friend.

People seemed divided in the comments.

"But when your friend decides to remain neutral in situations where you are clearly being disrespected, and wronged, that is a red flag and that is not your friend."

Thousands have since rushed in to share their thoughts on the video with one TikTok user claiming: "A friend to all, is a friend to none."

A second agreed: "The neutral friend is not your friend, if they’re willing to associate with someone who threatens your safety I PROMISE they don’t care about you."

"Not choosing a side is choosing a side. Had to learn this the hard way," revealed a third.

Others, however, disagreed with one viewer writing: "Some of us just can’t stand drama."

Another penned: "I’ll protect my friends but sometimes their business is their business and I’m not meant to be involved so I won't."

And a final TikTok user added: "Debatable. As you grow/mature you learn to protect your peace and not get too involved.

"You can advocate, listen, see all sides and still have good morals and be an amazing friend."

Where do you stand on the matter?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tanaemariee

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