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Woman shares shocking reason why she quit teaching

Woman shares shocking reason why she quit teaching

TikTok users were shocked at what they were hearing.

It's no secret that being a teacher is a hard job, with long hours and overtime, and now one former teacher has revealed the shocking reason she quit.

Taking to TikTok, the teacher, known only as Jayzeeeee, explained that she had a thousand reasons for packing in the job, but this one was a real stand out.

She began by explaining that the incident took place on a Friday afternoon, when she was otherwise relaxed and preparing her pupils for the weekend.

A man who she didn't recognise then came into her classroom and purposely walked towards her and began a 'frantic' conversation.

"He was also having this conversation with me that was frantic," she said, "and because I don't know him and I don't have any clue what he's talking about... very quickly I realise my students are potentially at risk."

As the teacher didn't know the man, she wanted to get the children out in case he posed a threat to them, and managed to do it calmly without causing any alarm.

"I, of course, stay calm because that's what teachers are told to do," she continued. "I picked up my classroom phone and called the office and told them to send an administrator because there was a stranger in my classroom having a random conversation with me."

The former teacher explained that while she doesn't remember the 'in between', she does remember what happened afterward.

She continued: "The next day, the administrator that handled the situation told me that was a former graduate and did I not know him? And I said, 'no'."

The former teacher said the man 'barged' into her room.
TikTok / @jeskazeeeee

She then explained that she worked in a junior high and the man was an adult and 'not someone who had siblings in my classroom' or who had ever been one of her students.

"This administrator tells me that there's nothing you can do because he's a graduate, and also his mum's really ticked at me because she thought I was being overdramatic and that he agreed," the woman concluded.

Needless to say, people had a lot to say about the former teacher's revelation and what it said about that school's attitude to adult intruders.

One wrote: "Just because he's a graduate doesn’t mean he isn't a potential threat like what business did he have just barging into classrooms anyways."

"And that’s how tragedies happen!" wrote a second, while a third added of the incident: "That should be an immediate lockdown. How did he get on campus? Did the office know he was there? The office should have called. This was not OK."

Meanwhile, a third suggested that the man should have at a visitor pass 'at least' and the teacher agreed.

"Doesn't admin remember that some school shootings were done by former/current students?" questioned a fourth.

The teacher replied: "Only when that narrative fits their agenda."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @jeskazeeeee

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