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Woman who had no idea she was pregnant goes into labour 'on night out'

Woman who had no idea she was pregnant goes into labour 'on night out'

Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco was rushed to hospital with hip and stomach pains where a doctor told she was in labour.

A woman’s night out clubbing took an unexpected turn when she discovered that she was pregnant after going into labour. Check out her surprise journey to motherhood here:

Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco, 20, from Mexico, started suffering intense hip and stomach pain while out partying for a friend's birthday.

The sales assistant then went home to rest, but when she woke up in the morning, the symptoms continued.

After drinking a mug of herbal tea and taking over-the-counter medication to help with her pain, the symptoms intensified.

Vivian had been celebrating a friend's birthday when she started going into labour.
Jam Press.

Vivian said: “Since [two days prior] I had felt a little bad, but it wasn’t that bad and on the Saturday, I didn’t feel bad at all.

“At night, I went to dinner and celebrated a friend’s birthday, but I decided to leave because I felt quite ill.

“I had pain in my hip and stomach, which I obviously didn’t know what it was and I got home around midnight. I couldn’t sleep until nine in the morning and I went to work as it was a Sunday, but I still felt really bad.”

Her boyfriend, Tonatiuh González, knew something was not right and insisted that they go to the hospital.

As they arrived, she was checked over by a gynaecologist and Vivian recalls her world 'falling apart' as she was informed that she was going into labour.

“I found out I was pregnant when I was already in labour,” Vivian told NeedToKnow.Online.

Vivian and her boyfriend were left in shock after the birth.
Jam Press.

“Immediately, I went into shock for many reasons – such as if the baby was okay and what I was going to do with him, as I’ve never carried a baby [before] in my life.

“[I worried] about everything I needed to buy and in that moment, my world fell apart.”

Vivian claimed that as she was “dying of pain” with the baby arriving quickly, doctors informed her that she would have to undergo a c-section.

She gave birth to her son Matías while under anaesthesia, but the couple were left feeling mixed emotions about his arrival.

“I didn’t feel hurt or anything at all, but my boyfriend was in shock.

“I don’t know what he was [thinking], but he clearly had to get moving as there were things we needed, as well as how we were going to pay for the hospital.

Vivian gave birth to a baby boy.
Jam Press.

“He had to get all of that from almost one day to the next and he was so scared, but I understood.”

She added: “I always led my life as if nothing happened and I went out to parties a lot, but I no longer drank so much because I had my gallbladder removed almost a year ago.

“I was still drinking something though, as well as exercising and swimming – everything was really normal."

After sharing her story online, Vivian said many other women have shared their own similar stories with her.

She said: “At first, it was very difficult for me, as I had no experience or dealings with babies, but over time, I began to adapt.

“The fact I have to teach him how to be in life is very nice and he’s already going to day care, as well as being happy.

“He’s my son, my partner and the love of my life – it’s honestly the best and most sudden thing that could have happened to me.”

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