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Woman stunned after date said she was 'unladylike' after she ate a whole salad

Woman stunned after date said she was 'unladylike' after she ate a whole salad

Diamond thought that the date went well, but she later received a text from the man telling her he feared she'd become fat soon.

A woman has been left stunned after going on a date with a man who told her she was 'unladylike' for eating a whole salad.

Diamond Jackson, 23, said she was rejected after the date last Tuesday (August 2) and has now shared the images of the message he sent her.

She explained that she met her potential love interest on the internet, and as far as she was aware, they had hit it off on their dinner date.

Despite promising to see her again as they said goodbye, the man texted her that evening to say their eating habits were 'incompatible'.

Diamond explained that she had a small side chicken Caesar salad, so she was baffled by her date's assessment of her eating.

Diamond was rejected after eating a salad on a date.

He described her as 'greedy' and said he had concerns that she would be 'overweight in the near future'.

While she did block his number after the incident, she is sharing her experience to warn others of similar 'red flags' as the man still offered to 'hang out' in a non romantic capacity.

Diamond, from Dinwiddie, Virginia, US, said: "I met him online on a dating app and we started talking and then he got my number and we started texting.

"We had been messaging for about a week before we met up.

"The first impression was pretty good, we had good conversion on the date and our conversation through text message prior was pretty good as well.

"While we were on the date it didn't seem like anything was off. Before we left we hugged and he was like 'am I going to see you again' and I said 'sure'.

Diamond's date said he was scared she was going to get fat.

"He was like 'I'll hold you to it' and said 'drive safe' and then we went our separate ways.

"Then later on he sent that message and it caught me off guard because I thought everything went well. It was crazy, it definitely was unexpected.

"I feel it shows his true personality - how unsettled and insecure he is with himself.

"Misery loves company and he has to be pretty miserable with life itself to even think like that."

She shared the unbelievable text message her date sent her, which read: "Honestly Diamond. You seem like [an amazing woman] but I don't think we're compatible.

This man rejected his date for eating a salad.

"You ate the whole damn salad which isn't ladylike. [It] makes me feel like you're greedy for food and I need a woman who knows when to stop eating.

"You know I meal prep and go to the gym daily. I just feel like you'd be overweight in the near future.

"I still want to hang out but that bothered me. I almost exploded.

"I love your vibe and energy [though]. You're perfect, it's just that one thing plus it was our first date.

"You [were supposed] to [have] butterflies [and] sh*t. How could you eat that much[?]"

Diamond said that her date hilariously ate a meal that was much larger than what she had before he decided to criticise her eating habits.

Diamond said: "I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and he had some sort of parmesan chicken with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes.

"He ate the majority of his meal and just left a few pieces of the asparagus.

"He ate like the whole basket of bread that you get before the meal as well so he's a hypocrite really.

"I feel like a grilled chicken Caesar salad is healthy. To me, any salad is healthy.

"It wasn't even a big salad, I got the side salad, so for him to say that was just like 'wow'.

"If I had got the big salad I probably wouldn't have even finished that but the side salads are pretty small.

"I didn't respond to the text message - I felt like no response is a response. I laughed at it and then I blocked him.

"My feelings were hurt a little bit but it was just like 'whatever' - I didn't really take it to heart because he wasn't the kind of person for me.

"I understand everyone has standards but that was just pure foolishness."

Diamond blocked her date after his comments about her eating habits.

When Diamond shared her story on Facebook, social media commentators were floored.


"This is hilarious. What a loser," wrote a second while a third remarked: "Girl what does he expect you to eat? A piece of ice???"

"This idiot is thinking 'a salad' is gonna make someone fat? Pls drag [this] idiot.... we need to know the face of stupid [sic]," wrote a fourth as a fifth just replied with many laughing emoji.

Diamond has now shared her advice to other daters: "I will continue dating because not all guys are like that and there's plenty more fish in the sea.

"I'm glad he did it sooner rather than later because most guys usually take about six months to show the true them but this guy did it on the first night. It was a very lucky escape.

"Don't ignore the red flags and pay attention to the signs."

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