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Woman shows what she looks like '99% of the time' to prove bikini photos aren't always 'perfect'

Woman shows what she looks like '99% of the time' to prove bikini photos aren't always 'perfect'

People are rushing to praise her for her honesty

One woman has shown what she looks like '99% of the time' to prove bikini photos aren't always 'perfect'.

Online fitness coach, Molly Ava, took it upon herself to bust a few myths surrounding social media and uplift her community's body confidence.

She has since received an overwhelmingly positive reaction with many women rushing to congratulate her honesty.

Online fitness coach Molly Ava uploaded comparison shots of her posed and resting body.

Molly took to Instagram last week to share a couple of side-by-shot shots wearing a bikini comparing what she looks like '1%' of the time compared to '99%' of the time.

The fitness guru captioned the post: "Stop beating yourself up for not having the 'bikini body' you see others have online."

Explaining her advice, Molly continued: "Why? Because the likelihood is, they don’t have it either.

"A quick change of pose and angle and my body can look so drastically different but they are BOTH me, BOTH beautiful and BOTH worthy of my love and acceptance."

Molly emphasised just how much a 'pose' and 'angle' can change the appearance of her body on social media.

She continued by opening up about her childhood, revealing that she spent her teenage years 'saving pictures of women with defined cores' to her phone to then do 'crazy workouts' to attain the look.

"I thought [it] would get me the body on the left without realising it could also still be the body on the right, because I only ever saw the 1%," Molly continued.

"So let this be your reminder that the highlight you see, the 1%, is simply that," she wrote. "A tiny snapshot, of a normal, moving, beautiful, body."

Molly concluded the post with a heartfelt message to her followers: "Keep on loving yourself."

People couldn't wait to praise Molly for her posts.

It's clear Molly's 303k followers appreciated her honesty considering the side-by-side comparison snaps clocked up more than 10.7k likes and dozens of comments from people eager to share their opinions.

One Instagram user praised: "Thank you! It’s so easy to get caught up feeling bad and comparing yourself to the models we see. But most of what we see is not what they look like majority of the time."

"You have no idea how important your posts are to me," commented a second. "Thank you so much for helping me to heal and love myself!"

A third echoed: "I love your content so much, I always hit up your page when I’m having a bad body image day! Definitely need more of this on social media!"

"Love this perspective," penned a fourth, while a final Instagram user added: "You are seriously an inspiration lady! Thank you for normalising a belly!!!"

Damn straight.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollyavafit

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