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Woman responds to backlash over ‘disturbing’ video with her stepdad

Woman responds to backlash over ‘disturbing’ video with her stepdad

A TikToker has responded to the backlash she received over a 'disturbing' and 'inappropriate' video with her stepdad.

A TikTok influencer and business owner has hit back at criticism after she uploaded a clip of herself dancing in front of her stepfather, which has been labelled by some as 'disturbing' and 'inappropriate'.

A couple of days ago, Karina Irby, who lives in Queensland, Australia, posted a video of her dancing to the Britney Spears song Work B*** while wearing one of her own bikinis from her Moana Swimwear collection.

Her stepdad is also in the video directly behind her, also in swimwear himself.

At one point in the 15-second clip, the stepdad turns around and sees Karina dancing in her bikini.

The TikToker uploaded a video of her dancing in a bikini in front of her stepdad.

The clip has gone viral in recent days with major news outlets picking it up, with it also receiving over 18,000 likes on TikTok.

This has led to many commenting on the video, and it is fair to say that most of them have been critical of Karina.

One person said: "As if, do that in front of your step Dad. REALLY."

A second added: "my stepdad would punch me for that."

And a third said: "Who could possibly feel comfortable dancing like that in a bikini in front of their stepfather?"

Karina has responded to the large criticism she has faced since she uploaded the video, saying the blow back was 'stupid'.

Speaking to, Karina said: "No matter what you do on social media these days, someone will always find a way to bring you down, or in this case, project their insecurities or issues upon you.

Karina has hit back at backlash received from the video.

"But, in this case, the facts are pretty simple. My stepdad and I have a great, normal relationship.

"We both have a good sense of humour and like to do stupid things to make others laugh."

Karina then went on to say to the outlet that she 'lives in bikinis' as she owns and runs a swimwear business.

She said: "It’s a hot Australian Christmas and our family spent it by the pool, hence the swimwear.

"This kind of stuff is like water off a duck’s back to me. If you don’t read the comments, they don’t exist.

"But I do find it kind of funny – and a little bit sad – that so many people are spending their festive season getting angry on the internet, when they should be having fun with their family."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@karinairby

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