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Woman praised for filming her first ever sober night out

Woman praised for filming her first ever sober night out

TikToker Georgia Scott has been hailed as 'amazing' for documenting her first sober night out

A young woman has been applauded for documenting her first 'sober night out' on TikTok.

Georgia Scott, 25, has generated a large social media following after detailing her journey with her stammer.

And, in a new video on her TikTok page, she admitted that she 'relied on alcohol' as a way of giving her confidence to speak to people on night out.

Beginning to realise that she was drinking as a 'coping mechanism', Georgia decided to ditch the booze.

Georgia says to the camera: "I'm going on my first ever sober night out.

"I've realised that I'm relying too much on alcohol in social situations and I don't want to do that. I don't want to be relying on alcohol to give [me] a shot of confidence."

"I don't want to go out and feel like I have to drink," she added.

In the video, Georgia, who is from Cullercoats, North Tyneside, goes on to show herself having soft drinks such as Red Bull, and was over the moon to spend only 55p on a lime and soda.

Georgia stuck to sipping soft drinks on her night out.

The 25-year-old even did a shot of water so she didn't feel left out while her friends had alcoholic shots.

Despite being anxious to go teetotal, Georgia said she'd enjoyed her night on the town and admitted that she felt 'proud of herself' - treating herself to a well-deserved sausage and bean melt from Greggs.

And she's not the only one that was proud — her avid followers who have watched her journey were also quick to voice their praise.

One wrote: "I absolutely love this you look amazing. Well done for pushing yourself."

"Well done girlie," penned another. "You did so good and bet you felt amazing in the morning."

A third said: "Proud of you too!! Glad you powered through and were able to enjoy yourself, it'll only get easier from here!! (also you look amazing!)."

"Good on ya, well done" a fourth said.

And a fifth said: "You’re doing incredible! You handled it so well."

Georgia's stammer began when she was just five-years-old, making growing up hard for her.

"My earliest memory is when I had to read a sentence out of a book at school and I just remember my whole class laughing," the TikToker told ITV Tyne Tees last month.

Georgia's TikTok followers were quick to praise her.

"It made me so, so self-conscious, so from then on I just never spoke — I'd never ask for help in class or anything like that because I just thought it's so hard for me to speak out and then have everyone make fun.

"I hated myself and I hated anything to do with my speech. I grew up thinking that no one would ever understand or accept me."

After starting social media because there was a 'lack of awareness and lot of misconceptions' about stammers, Georgia says that it has 'changed her outlook on it' after receiving so much support from people who say she's 'helped them'.

"I'd like to think it's inspiring to other people to not letting anything hold them back." she said.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / ge0rgiatalks

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