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Woman praised for refusing to swap time off with colleague so she could take kids on holiday

Woman praised for refusing to swap time off with colleague so she could take kids on holiday

The woman requested the time off 'months in advance' while the colleague asked for it just days before it was due to take place.

The topic surrounding work holiday can be a tricky one, especially if multiple colleagues are trying to get the same week off in the year.

However, if you book that time off well in advance, you hope that you have a pretty good chance of getting the annual leave.

Despite that, this one woman was asked to vacate her holiday, that she asked for months prior, for a mother who asked just days before the holiday was due to take place.

Evie, who goes by the username @evmariexo on TikTok, recalled the moment where a coworker she named Karen, asked her to give up her holiday so she could take her kids to Disney World for a last-minute trip.

Beginning the video, Evie explained: "So I used to work at this place, and I had moved across the state to work at this place.

"And I worked with this woman, let’s call her Karen, who had two kids. And I also just want to mention that, until this incident, she and I had gotten along perfectly fine."

Evie then went on to explain how she planned to visit her family and friends back home for the Christmas break, so requested these days off 'months in advance'.

She also said that she sent her boss - who she named as Bob for the video's purpose - multiple emails in the buildup to the holidays so he was in the loop.

Evie had planned the trip for a long while.

However, just a week before Evie was set to go see her family, she claimed that her boss called her into the office to see if she could change her plans.

Evie said that she had even packed all her bags at this point, and was starting to get very excited about seeing her family for the first time in a year.

"So, the week before, my boss calls me into his office and he’s like: ‘Hey Evie, listen, I know you were planning to take off for vacation, but I talked to Karen and she decided that she really wants to take her kids to Disney World over the break,'" Evie said.

But Evie was having none of it, as she explained her response in the TikTok: "I was like: ‘You know what, I did what you said, I’ve searched my heart, and it turns out there is nothing in my heart that’s going to make me willing to give her my week.'"

She once again reminded her boss that she requested the days off months in advance, with Evie learning that Karen had asked for the days off that morning.

Karen asked for the holiday just days beforehand, according to Evie.

Evie said that her boss then instructed her to tell Karen that she wouldn't be able to have the days off, which is exactly what she did.

However, the TikToker claimed that Karen got 'so mad' and that she said Evie was not understanding of her predicament because she doesn't have kids.

If you head to the comment section of the viral TikTok, you'll notice that many sided in Evie's camp.

"Did she not understand you are someone’s kid and that your parents want to spend time with their children?" one person wrote.


Meanwhile, a third remarked: "Yeah - I have kids and I 100% side with you. She should have planned ahead!!!!!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@evmariexo

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