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Woman left mortified after accidentally wearing see-through leggings to the gym

Woman left mortified after accidentally wearing see-through leggings to the gym

A woman had the unfortunate experience of accidentally wearing see-through leggings to the gym.

With the amount of different people at the gym, picking an appropriate outfit to wear for that dreaded workout can be a tricky one.

It can often take as long as the actual workout itself to choose what you want to wear and make sure you look somewhat good.

This can often be dependent on the part of the body you are exercising, too - so it is no easy task.

However, it all went wrong for this one woman though as she accidentally wore the wrong pair of leggings to the gym, leaving her utterly mortified.

TikToker Kendall Lopez took to the popular social media video platform to share a clip of her working out at the gym. Watch it below:

She started the 35-second clip saying: "Wait for it lol.

"Don't wear see through pants on leg day... Not one person told me."

The short video clips shows Kendall on the leg press machine, headphones attached, completely in the groove of the workout.

But what the TikToker didn't realise at the time was that her leggings were completely see-through, which nobody at the gym told her.

The woman was completely unaware of the bottoms.

She only realised when she watched the clip back once she is home.

The video has gone viral on TikTok with more than 1.8 million views, nearly 40,000 likes and over 1,000 comments.

And many flocked to the comment section to reassure her, likely to leave Kendall feeling a little bit less mortified.

One person said: "Anytime I notice something like that at the gym, I just keep quiet. Last thing I need is someone calling me a creep or accusing me of staring."

People in the comments explained their gym horror stories.

A second added: "TBH, no one probably noticed or looked. I'm a gym rat and the last thing I'm there to do is see who's wearing what or notice."

And a third said: "Probably because everyone doesn’t care. We all there to work out."

Some opened up about their own experiences, with one person saying: "Never be afraid to speak up. Most of the time the person will be thankful. I had to tell a girl she started her period, I was terrified."

While another said: "I wore the same pants once and everyone was letting me know."

But one person wasn't focused on her clothes, writing: "They shouldn’t say anything about your pants. That's your business…now your technique yeah that’s worth a conversation."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ms.kendelllopez

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