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Woman Horrified After Taxi Driver 'Tracks Her Down' After Three Months

Woman Horrified After Taxi Driver 'Tracks Her Down' After Three Months

Miniver Larman, 25, was left feeling extremely creeped out after a taxi driver tracked her down three months after her trip to ask her out.

What should've been a normal trip home left one Oxford woman feeling 'very anxious' and unsure whether to use her local taxi service again.

It all started on 5 March, when Miniver Larman, 25, called a Go Green Taxi from the station to her home address.

She had been chatting with the driver and had a fairly standard trip, that is until three months later, on 12 June, when she received a message.

Miniver Larman was left feeling creeped out by the ordeal.
Kennedy News & Media

Speaking about the 'inappropriate' exchange, Miniver said: "The journey was fine, we were just chatting away.

"He was telling me about his holiday, and I was telling him about what I had been doing that day, and I didn't think anything was off, but it seems like he took that friendliness for something else.

"When I saw the message, I was just immediately shocked because you hear about these things happening, but when it actually happens to you, you think how is this real?"

"How has this person not realised how creepy it is?"

At this point, you're probably wondering what the guy said, well, the message read: "Hey! So since we had a lovely little chat in my taxi following your London Theatre trip, your name has pretty much stuck in my head.

The man messaged her on Facebook.
Kennedy News & Media

"Hope you don't mind me messaging, I'm wondering if you might like to go for a beverage sometime…

"In fact there is really cool stuff going on in Southampton this weekend."

Miniver didn't respond and went on to say that the ordeal left her feeling 'unsafe' because the driver 'dropped me off at my house'.

"I think it's really unprofessional and puts, especially women, in a really dangerous position."

She went on to suggest that the driver found her on Facebook, due to her unusual name being left on the taxi booking.

Miniver called the man's actions an 'abuse' of power and reported him to the company, in the hopes of preventing 'another woman going through the same'.

Miniver says she's been put off using the taxi service again.
Kennedy News & Media

However, the firm did little to calm her nerves, with a worker from the firm saying: "I'm sorry to hear you had this bad experience with us.

"I will pass this onto my manager to be picked up in the morning and dealt with in the correct manner."

Miniver never heard back after the complaint and said that while she feels 'very anxious', she feels like she's 'done the right thing'.

People online agreed with Miniver reporting the driver, with one user saying the behaviour was "So grim, intrusive, and creepy. Sorry you went through that."

While another said: "They should sack him really. Hope you're okay Mini."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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