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Plus-sized woman hits out against trolls who made cruel comments about her stomach

Plus-sized woman hits out against trolls who made cruel comments about her stomach

Stella has hit back at vile trolls online

A woman has clapped back at nasty trolls online who made cruel comments about her bum when wearing tight trousers.

TikToker Stella Williams - who goes by @thestellawilliams on the streaming platform - had been sharing a video about how she didn't get a call-back from Khloe Kardashian’s Good American casting call, when she was targeted by trolls.

In the clip, she can be seen wearing a white crop top with retro style flared green trousers. While most followers were loving the cute outfit, others shared nasty comments, with one writing: "Ummm pants are not very flattering."

Meanwhile others made cruel comments about Stella's figure.

Stella clapped back at the trolls.

But the model was not having any of it, posting a follow-up video where she explained: “If I stopped and thought about what was ‘flattering’ to the world each time I got dressed, I’d be miserable... Y’all hate, I’m happy."

In a separate clip, she added: “You never need shapewear. The only thing you need is to feel good in your outfits! Learn self love and shapewear becomes optional.”

Responding directly to one troll who said: "It's not about what's flattering to the world, it's just not very flattering in general to have an a** in the front of your body", Stella explained: "I smile today for all the rejection she went through.

"For all those still going through it. This is my natural curvy BODY. That’s all folks."

Stella also explained in an emotional clip that she actually did get a call-back for the Good American casting call.

Sharing a screengrab of the email, she explained through tears: "On my application it said all emails will be sent by the end of October.

"I had a handful of mentees, friends, who got this email yesterday and I didn't so I assumed I didn't get it. And then this just came in my emails, I guess I'm going to New York on Sunday!"

Stella explained she ended up getting the call-back for Good American.

People were, of course, so happy for Stella, with hundreds taking to the comments to congratulate her.

One person wrote: "Congrats and the way u handled the nonexistent rejection was top tier and just like a Goddess you are worthy of this."

While another said: "OMGGG GIRL CONGRATS i saw your last tiktok yesterday and you still had such good energy regardless of the outcome im glad everything worked out."

And a third added: "YES! You deserve this, thank you for using your platform to show we’re all beautiful!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thestellawilliams

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