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Woman Gave Birth To Three Babies In One Year

Woman Gave Birth To Three Babies In One Year

Many TikTok users were left confused by how this happened...

A mum on TikTok left people in a state of shock and confusion after revealing that she gave birth to three babies in one year.

Watch her video below:

Mum-of-three Stephanie, who posts under the handle @stphmchhans, shared a short clip about about welcoming three children in 2020.

She explains in the video's caption that she had Irish triplets, a reference inspired by the phrase Irish twins. The term originated in the 1800s and refers to one mum having two children 12 months or less apart.

Stephanie revealed in the comments that she had twin girls in 2020 and another baby girl in the same year.

Lots of people were left scratching their heads after watching Stephanie’s video.

“I was sitting her trying to understand the numbers then I remembered that twins exist,” one TikTok commenter joked.

Another person posted a similar comment, writing: “I was so confused I was like how do you have three babies in a year the I forgot twins existed as well. I did some insane mental math at first tho. [sic]”

Stephanie explained how she takes care of her three young children. (

A third mind-blown TikTok user shared: “I forgot twins exist and was so confused”.

Stephanie responded with a good-humoured comment. “I forget sometimes too.. don’t even worry,” she said.

Some mums took the opportunity to share the age gaps between their own children.

One woman said: “Try 11 years apart that’s worse if not equally painful! Imagine potty training and puberty at the same time”.

One mum typed: “Just had my twins (also have a 2yo) and the idea of another baby terrifies me. How are still alive.”

Stephanie has three daughters. (

While another mum explained how she’s coping while expecting her second set of twins after welcoming her first child in March 2020 and twins in 2021. “Lol yes. I am currently 32 weeks with my second set of twins. First born March 2020. 2 and 3 March 2021. Hoping to get past Friday,” she said.

And another mum joked: "I have Irish twins and question my sanity daily. How ya feeling momma?"

Stephanie's replied said: "I run on coffee and champagne and nice people on the internet!!"

Mums are amazing, aren't they!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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